How to Draw Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield

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Begin this step or tutorial by making a shape for the head. Sketch in the facial guide, and proceed to step two.


Sketch out the structure of Peter's face starting with the forehead, then the brow. Once that is done you can draw the cheek lining as well as the chin and jaw structure.


Using the facial guidelines, you will need to first sketch out the shapes of the eyes then the nose. Notice how the nose is sort of broad. Make the lips and chin arch.


Sketch out the hair line which should be somewhat wavy. When that is done you can draw the eyebrows, finish the eyes, then color in some pupils. Before you leave this step you should also draw the lips in better detail as well as add some creases abo   


Andrew Garfield has a huge head. Sketch out his high styled wavy hair like so, then draw in the back lining of his neck. Add detailing to the hair for texture.


Well this is your last step. Finish sketching out the neck, then draw the shirt collar and shoulders like so. You will need to add a line for the 'Adams apple' too. Erase the mistakes you may have made as well as all the guidelines.


Here is Peter Parker when you are all done. Now you can have a blast coloring him in. I hope you liked drawing this comic style of The Amazing Spiderman without his mask.

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June 25, 2012

Description: The face you see before you is going to be the new Spiderman in the upcoming movie "The Amazing Spiderman". It's not Tobey Maguire, who is the male star we all know Spidey to be. Instead the new role goes to Andrew Garfield. If you have seen the movie "The Social Network", you should know that he played and starred as Mark Zuckerberg's best friend and co-founder of Facebook Eduardo Saverin. I watched the trailer for The Amazing Spiderman yesterday about two times and so far it looks awesome. I guess the story is supposed to be about Peter and finding his past. Along the way he is suspected as being a bad guy or villain. His love interest is Gwen Stacy played by Emma Stone instead of Mary-Jane. He fights against Dr. Curt Connors who will also portray The Lizard. What made me keep watching the trailer is the action that filled my screen. If you're a big time Spiderman fan you will definitely love this tutorial on drawing Peter Parker. I will leave you now so you can get busy with this tut. I'll see y’all soon so hang in folks, the show is not over yet.

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