How to Draw a Baby Phoenix, Baby Phoenix

Artist: Dawn / October 28, 2011

Step 1.

First, let's begin with the basic guidelines for our Phoenix hatchling. Like I said beforehand, take your time with the guidelines since the accuracy totally depends on it. You can trace the guides but do not trace the rest of the steps after Step 1.

Step 2.

Then, we shift our attention to the head of the baby phoenix. Notice how it's small and egg like to create a more younger appearance. Take your time when you get the beak area.

Step 3.

Next, time to finish the head with the feathers at the top of its head and the large eyes that make this baby phoenix EXTRA cute!

Step 4.

Before we sketch the body, we must first draw the egg so the body will fit into it properly. Make sure you create a line horizontally to create a boundary where you'll know to place the body from the distance of the head and egg.

Step 5.

Lastly, finish off the body! Keep note that the wings should be diagonally across from each other. This will make them look in the proper perspective.

Step 6.

With further proofing and proportion check, you should have something similar to this. You can ink your drawing digitally like I did or use traditional Micron pens to create nice thick lines like the drawing above. I hope ya'll enjoyed this lesson, t   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 28, 2011
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Description: Alright guys, I have a few more tutorials that are for a younger audience since I get quite a lot of kids to Drago. In this new lesson, you’ll be learning “how to draw a baby phoenix, step by step”. This baby phoenix just hatched from its egg and it’s in search for her mother. You can take your time to color this guy after you’re done with the steps and everything is proof checked. I recommend using copic markers or Prismacolored pencils. As you progress with the tutorial, try to restrain yourself from rushing or drawing too hard on the paper. Also, get the guidelines drawn as accurately as possible on the paper so you’ll have a better shot at drawing the phoenix exactly like shown in the lines or preview. I really hope ya’ll will enjoy this tut as much as I had creating it. It was a pleasant treat creating this tutorial so don’t let me know how you did with yours! Peace out and have fun!