How to Draw a Baby Fly

Artist: Dawn / July 1, 2020

Step 1. Guidelines

First start off by drawing the guidelines for the fly.

Step 2. Face Shape

Then, go ahead and follow along the guides and draw the head shape.

Step 3. Facial Features

Next, draw the eyes and facial features.

Step 4. Antennae Lines

After that, draw the antennae and the legs.

Step 5. Body Lines

Next, draw the body lines.

Step 6. Final Touches

Lastly, draw the wings!

Step 7. Final Line Art

After you've drawn everything, you should end up with this, awesome job, guys!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 1, 2020
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Tags: how to draw baby animals, how to draw bugs, how to draw baby insects
Description: Yes, I know they are annoying and even disgusting, but when you are able to turn a fly into a cute version of themselves, then that is when they are not so annoying. Today I will show you how to draw a baby fly, step by step. This is a young fly who has just been born out of the maggot state and as you can see in this lesson I drew a very fitting background to go with the fly's character. I love the way this baby insect came out and I am so sure you will too. Summer is here and a variety of bugs are out and about. Some being anusance and some are a pleasure. Nonetheless, enjoy drawing this baby fly.