How to Draw a Baby Beetle

Artist: Dawn / July 1, 2020

Step 1. Guidelines

Go ahead and sketch the guidelines for the beetle.

Step 2. Head Shape

Then, draw the head shape and horn.

Step 3. Facial Features

After, draw the facial features as well as the mouth.

Step 4. Arms & Legs

Then, work on the beginning stages of arms/legs.

Step 5. Final Touches

Draw the large back body as well as the legs!

Step 6. Final Line Art

Once everything is drawn, you should have this really nice looking cartoon baby beetle!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 1, 2020
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Tags: how to draw baby animals, how to draw baby insects, how to draw beetles
Description: I don't care what you say, sometimes beetles can be one of the coolest insects and that is totally based on the type of beetle. Today I wanted to make a lesson on how to draw a baby beetle, step by step. This tutorial is actually based on a dung beetle and NO, this is not one of my favorite beetles. It is however going to be a simple task, you may run into an issue when drawing the head if you are a newbie to drawing, but other than that you should be okay to go when tackling this beetle lesson. I will be back with some other fun tuts so stay tuned in.