How to Draw a Baby Hornet

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1 Guidelines

Draw the guidelines for the hornet body and head shape.

2 Face Shape

Then, work on angular face shape and then the inner facials.

3 Facial Features

Then, fill in the eyes and draw the antennae.

4 Body Shapes

Then, work on the legs for the hornet.

5 Wings and Body

Next, work on the wings and the rest of the body and stinger!

6 Final Line Art

After all has been drawn, this should be your final result, great work, guys!

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June 23, 2020

Description: I couldn't go without making a lesson on that OTHER insect that can prove to be a pest if you are in the right situations. Up next, I will be teaching you all how to draw a baby hornet, step by step. Hornets have by far one of the most painful stings when inflicted. I have been stung by a hornet a few times and it was in no way shape, or form an easy burn to handle. It literally feels like fire when you get stung by one of these mean flying insects. That's okay because I made this hornet so cute where you actually want to go near it. Enjoy tackling this task on drawing a baby hornet guys.

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