How to Draw Realistic eyes

Artist: Dawn / May 8, 2009

Step 1.

In this step I show the anatomy of a human eye. When you learn how to draw a realistic eye, you have to understand the form of it. This should definitely help you on where to place the correct pieces to complete the whole. The pupil is the ideal part   

Step 2.

Here is an ideal tip that tells you where to place the eye lashes and how they should be drawn. Artists find drawing the lashes a challenging process. You have to make sure you draw them correctly in order to make an accurate and appealing eye.

Step 3.

Here are different views on how they should look. By understanding how eyes will look in different angles, you'll be able to draw realistic faces accurately.

Step 4.

Start the first drawing step off with a simple line. I start this with because it will help me proportion the eye correctly. Make sure you measure your paper the length of the line.

Step 5.

Once you've completed the previous step, you can start drawing the base of the eye. First start off with the top and then bottom. After you have done that, start sketching the Puncta lacrimalia (the pink part to the left of the eye.)

Step 6.

In this step you will have to draw more detailing to the eye. This will include drawing the pupil, the lower lid, and the upper lid.

Step 7.

This step you will sketch out the eyelashes and pupil. This is important to sketch the lashes in different angles in order to create realism.

Step 8.

This step is pretty simple. Make sure you sketch and smudge the iris and around the pupil. It would be nice to equip yourself with some cotton swabs or tissue to smudge.

Step 9.

You'll find yourself stumbling onto an easier step. Here you will begin shading precisely in areas that needs definition.

Step 10.

This should be your final product. If you don't have an image that turned out like this, keep practicing. It doesn't have to look exact. A good eye has to have the accuracies of a realistic one. If you think you've gotten all basics, then you have yo   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 8, 2009
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Description: Hello fellow artists and visitors. Here I have a very nice tutorial that I'd like to share with all of you avid drawers. This will help you create a very realistic and appealing eye. Many people have problems drawing them perfect or satisfying. I give you helpful tips and advice in this tutorial so you can understand the bare concept of it. Every artist must research what they are drawing. Learning how to draw a realistic eye has many doors on the anatomy of it. I got the inspiration from one of the vampires of 'Twilight'. It's suppose to have the dark and beautiful essence of a vampire. The lashes were drawn by using a soft brush. I darkened them at the ends and lightly brushed them outwards to the tip. You can use the same effect with a pencil. Drawing the pupil can be quite difficult since there are many patterns to them. I created my own pattern so that it would have a uniqueness to a vampire! If you color an eye digitally, carefully take a grayed white, and dab it in areas that you would naturally see wetness. It will make it appear a lot more realistic. Well, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on "How to draw realistic eyes step by step". Thanks for viewing and have fun practicing.