How to Draw a Realistic Cat, Draw Real Cat

Artist: Dawn / February 18, 2017

Step 1.

Lets start by talking about the different ways you can draw a cats body and their pose. The best way to draw begin drawing a cat, is to figure out what body pose will your animal be in to draw. As you can see, this tip talks about what you should thi   

Step 2.

From the side view, the rib cage of a cat should have a downward sloping curve. A major mistake when drawing a cats chest is having it's ribs appear to be pushed up towards it's neck.

Step 3.

Cat's have different types of pupils, there's slits and round ones. You can try out other varieties of pupils. This is a good way to be creative. Another important note to remember is that a cat's eye is outlined with two layers of black. This allows   

Step 4.

Add a patch of mixed tons for the base layer. What you will be painting is the fur.

Step 5.

Here, paint steadily using small strokes for the first coat of hair. This coat should be a subtle fur tone. What I would recommend using, is a small pixel brush for this particular task.

Step 6.

In this step, you will take your time as you start painting in a lighter fur tone using longer strokes of fur. Remember to take your time, and don't rush.

Step 7.

Now you will start using a darker color with a subtle tone. Add small strokes under the lightest parts of fur. This will help create depth and tone to the texture of the fur.

Step 8.

If you use the noise filter, it will add a nice semi realistic touch to your painting. To do this, follow the steps instructions and you will be on your way to creating a nice addition to the cats fur.

Step 9.

Here I show you how and what level the noise should be set to. Just copy what I am doing in the picture to succeed at this drawing step.

Step 10.

For those of you that want a lesson on how to draw a realistic cat using regular steps, here you go. Start with a circle for the head, and add the facial guidelines. Next draw an egg shape followed by another odd shape that will later be the cat's th   

Step 11.

Now you will start sketching out the shape of the cat's actual head. Since the figure is head on or from the front view, you will see little shape to the neck since the fur covers most of that. When drawing out the head, don't forget to add those mou   

Step 12.

Draw the tissue line for the ears, and then add some hairy fur fuzz on the forehead. Next, draw some whiskers, and then continue to sketch out the body which includes the front legs. When that is all set, add some body detailing and definition lines    

Step 13.

To finally end this drawing tutorial on how to draw a realistic cat, you will sketch out the hind end, and then the back and front cat paws. Lastly, draw the tail, and start erasing all the lines and shapes you drew in step one to clean up your drawi   

Step 14.

Now that you are done drawing a realistic cat, add some shading in the areas you see here to add a touch of realism to your drawing. Choose a shade and pattern for the fur markings if any, and color in your feline creature.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Well guys, it's official, I drew my first realistic cat sketch, and I have to say it came out pretty freaking awesome. The entire sketch was done using Paint Tool Sai which is a drawing program created by a company named SYSTEMAX. The lesson on "how to draw a realistic cat", is filled with a bunch of cool tips and helpful information that will get you started when it comes to drawing realistic animals. Cats are one of my favorite felines to draw because they are so adorable and cuddly. Even though I love dogs, there is something about cuddling with a cat that is a lot different than trying to get cozy with a dog, big or small. Cats purr, cats lay beside you as they clean their coats, they remind me of lions, and cats are the only animal that has nine lives. One of my favorite movies from the eighties that was based on a cat, is the movie from Steven King called โ€œCats Eyeโ€. It was one of Drew Barrymore's first movies as she made her way into fame. The story was epic, and it's so amazing how Steven King wrote all three segments to be incredibly interesting and suspenseful. Anyway, now that we talked a little about the awesomeness of cats, let me talk a bit about the lesson. The tutorial is detailed to the max. It will give you helpful tips that explain how to draw a cats pose using their bodies line of motion. The lesson also talks about their eyes, and legs. The final step is a drawing of a full sized cat. I only included actual drawing steps so you can use the tips on how to draw realistic, with more understanding. I will be back later with some more lessons for you all to enjoy. Peace out people, and remember to have a fun drawing day!