How to Draw Realistic People, Draw Real People


This is just a sketch of the many different face shapes that a human face can be drawn in. As you can see there is a total of nine different types of face structures, and all of them are their own shape. Look through this drawing to see what shape be   


This is a sketch of the three different types of head poses that your realistic person can sport when you draw out your person. There is a pose from the side, front, and three fourths view.


I want to explain this diagram in detail even though I already wrote it for you in the drawing. The eye of a profile face has a halve appearance. Many artists draw this the wrong way by drawing the eye in a whole form. The profile view of the face ha   


As you can see in this diagram, I drew three different body poses. One is of a female, the middle figure is a male, and the last drawing is of a human skeleton. As you can see the portions are drawn accurately.


In this step, I show you how to draw realistic people by their genders. There are many differences and details you must master in order to draw the most accurate realistic person. You may find drawing males harder because of their seemingly box like    


As with other parts of the human face, there are lots of different eyes and eye expressions. Artists sometimes have trouble figuring out how to draw eyes. This is a diagram that I sketched of different eye styles and shapes. The Asian, angry, and top   


Like the eyes, there are various types of noses as well. Drawing a realistic nose can sometimes be frustrating as well. One of the hardest things for me to do when it came time to draw a nose, is getting it to look portioned with the face I was drawi   


Let's get onto the lesson shall we? Start by drawing two circles for the heads of the male and female realistic person you are about to draw. Next, draw the facial guidelines, and try to make sure that the guidelines are drawn the way you see them he   


You will now start lightly sketching out the eyes for both the male and female face. Once that is done, you can sketch out the sides of the noses like so.


Choose a face structure that you think would best fit your head figures, and then when you have chosen a face structure, begin sketching out the shape of the two faces. Next, draw the eyeballs, nostril holes, and then the top part of the mouth or lip   


Now you can start drawing realistically. Begin by adding color to the eyes, and by sketching out the eyebrows. Next, sketch the shape of the ears, and the rest of the mouth. Add some shading on the males cheeks, and on the lids of the female. When th   


When all is said and done, this is how your realistic people should look. You can choose to color them in, or you can leave your realistic people as sketches. I hope you had fun with this lesson, but more importantly, I hope you have learned somethin   

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February 18, 2017

Description: I want to start the day by submitting a lesson that I think will be beneficial to a lot of artists that want to improve on drawing people. One of the key things to developing a human person in art, is understanding the bodies many different structures, frames, builds, portions, and character. Not only is their many different parts to a human, their is also different body shapes, creeds, and height. Today, I will try and show you to the best of my ability, "how to draw realistic people", step by step. Drawing realistic has become something of a project of mine which is why I have been doing a lot of celebrity tutorials. I really want to get the whole concept of drawing people down packed so I can virtually draw anything I want to venture on. This lesson is loaded with tips, tricks, and most importantly, the breakdown on different types of people. It's best to start this lesson on a nice piece of sketching paper, and use a good pencil with a white eraser. Each stroke when sketched should be light, precise, and sharp. It's okay if you keep making mistakes, that is expected when drawing realistic people. Faces, noses, mouths, eyes, bodies, arms, legs, hands, feet, and other body parts are just as important to draw when creating a new realistic looking person. There is many ways to draw something right, and there is also a ton of ways to draw something wrong. Obviously we all create different types of people that are sometimes sketched wrong. When you draw a realistic face, try and use the guidelines that I will provide for you so that the eyes, nose, and mouth all come out looking portioned, and aligned with each piece of the human face. If you follow this tutorial correctly, the end result will be a drawing of a realistic person. Another fun thing to when when you are finished with your sketch, is draw realistic clothes on your figure. I clothed my character I drew in paper to look like a lawyer carrying a brief case. I know the beliefs that Lawyers are bad because they only defend the guilty is something that gets talked about often. I on the other hand have an uncle that is a defense lawyer, and he said that his job is sometimes hard because even though some of the people he defends are innocent, they still wind up getting some sort of sentence. That is the reason why I drew lawyer clothes on my male realistic figure, because my favorite uncle is a lawyer. Anyway, I think you will have fun with this tutorial, but most importantly, you will learn “how to draw realistic people” at your own pace, in your own home using this awesome drawing lesson. If you want to to learn how to draw realistic eyes, I'd advise you to click on that link. I will be back with more drawing fun momentarily so stay tuned in.

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