How to Color with Markers

Artist: hana123123123 / March 19, 2013

Step 1.

Morgan: Hello! Zipper: Hi! How ya all doin? Morgan: Today I shall show Zipper how to color this girly line art with Neopiko Markers! Zipper: Let's get started!

Step 2.

Morgan: This is a marker. Zipper: I know that already! Lets get to coloring! Morgan: Always test your colors first! (Colors it) Zipper: Why is it all patchy? Morgan: Thats becous the markers dry fast, so when it drys the layerd part is darker.    

Step 3.

Morgan: when coloring the skin, start with the lightest shad first, then go darker. You can add a little pink to the joints and the cheeks if you want. Zipper: Ok bro!

Step 4.

Morgan: to color the cloth start with the lightest color and go darker. One of the nice things about these markers is that they blend. Zipper: Thats nice! Good for shading.

Step 5.

Morgan: Mixing green and purple will make a gray-ish color. Zipper: Interesting...

Step 6.

Morgan: Again start with the lightest color and go darker. Use quick strokes for coloring around the highlight. Zipper: Ok... Morgan: Feel free to turn the paper while coloring. Zipper: Like this? Morgan: Yep!

Step 7.

Morgan: for the eyes start with the base color and add some shading. The top should be darker. Zipper: Alright! I think we are almost done!

Step 8.

Morgan:Color the gears. Zipper: Hey! Where are we? Morgan: It looks like hana123123123 got lazy and didn't draw us!

Step 9.

Morgan: Add highlights with white paint or a gel pen. Zipper: Are we done now? Morgan: I do believe we are! Zipper: Yay! Time to take a nap and eat chips!

Step 10.


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Description: This tut is tought by two personafid poodles! Morgan is my dog and Zipper is my teachers dog! The only reason for this is to make it fun for me, so I may never do another like this. I hope you like it and learn a lot! I used Neopiko Markers to color!