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How to color Anime Hair

Artist: fwuffystro / March 20, 2012
How to color Anime Hair

Step 1.

Before you start, you should have three different colors. They should be all the same color, as this picture indicates as pink, but each of a different shade. Choose any color you like.

Step 2.

Start by taking your darkest of the three colors and outlining the edges of her hair.

Step 3.

Take your next color, the middle one, and shade in over the darker one.

Step 4.

Next take your lightest color and color hard over the previous one. Do as the picture indicates.

Step 5.

That`s it! It most likely wasn`t very hard, and I think that none will find it challenging.

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Artist: fwuffystro
Date Added: March 20, 2012
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Description: Learn how to color an anime girl`s hair! This isn`t a hard tutorial, and i`m sure, nobody is going to need me help explain it. Thank you!