Draw Hatsune Miku

Artist: PokeAisy / February 20, 2016

Step 1.

Since I don't want to waste any time on drawing different parts of the 'skeleton' (that's what I like to call it), I will just draw it all in one step. Sorry, but my printer is too slow

Step 2.

Draw the outline of her body and hair

Step 3.

Draw her kawaii face. You can draw any type of eye on her face.

Step 4.

Draw her pigtails. The black part is for what seems like kind of the 'inside' of her pigtails. That was the weirdest thing ever to write in my entire life, but ya know what I mean...right?

Step 5.

Draw her clothes and stuff. Also, add detail.

Step 6.

Outline her body with pen and erase all pencil marks.

Step 7.

I colored the black parts of her outfit in. Also I colored the 'inside' of her hair. I describe things in the weirdest ways.

Step 8.


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Artist: PokeAisy
Date Added: February 20, 2016
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Tags: how to draw vocaloid, how to draw vocaloid characters
Description: Hello! I have come back to re-draw my second tutorial on Dragoart, 'How to draw Hatsune Miku'. I'm sorry if the coloring on some of the steps seem weird, but that's only because my colored pencils are very bulky. Please do not mind Miku's pink skin, because that is my printer's fault. I think I'd rather just draw it and shade it instead of coloring it from now on, because I also draw pictures on my own that seem to be a lot better, because I have a lot of more time to draw them. Please tell me about what I can improve on in (in my drawings) the comments below, or tell me whom or what to draw next. Goodbye!