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Artist: MurasakiMina / March 5, 2018

Step 1.

First, we are going to start off with the guidelines for the head/face. Draw a circle (it doesn't have to be perfect, as you can see). Since Rin is going to be facing a bit away from us, draw a vertical line a little bit off from the middle of it, th   

Step 2.

Now you are going to draw a box for the upper part of her torso, it would help to divide it with a criss cross to know where the middle of her chest is. Now you can go ahead and draw a circle under the box to represent guidelines for her stomach,    

Step 3.

You can go ahead and draw two circles at the upper corners of her chest box, these will be the shoulders. *Notice, how the circles are raised higher than the box, this is because she is going to be raising her shoulders.* Then you can go ahead    

Step 4.

I have drawn in the eyes here, this is how I draw my eyes, but you can use any style you see fit. As you can see, on your left side, her eye goes right in the middle of the rectangle that it is in, and the eye on your right, is drawn a bit closer to    

Step 5.

Now you can draw the jaw, neck, and top of her head.

Step 6.

Here, I have gone in to draw her chest, on your left, you can see that her breast is touching (or almost) the vertical line. If you haven't noticed, there is a small bump below her chest that goes into a smooth line for her stomach (those are her    

Step 7.

Now you can go ahead and draw the lower part of her torso. You can also add the bellybutton (you doing have to, I know there are some styles that don't drawn them). Make her hip bump out a bit on each side, you can see that it goes out a little on   

Step 8.

Next up! The arms! It is good to know some anatomy for this part, (well for all parts...) but when I draw arms and legs, I like to use a bit of real anatomy so they aren't too straight, there are many anatomy tutorials that you can find on this site.   

Step 9.

Whoo! We are done with her body, now you can erase the guidelines and start drawing her top! You don't have to get crazy with the designs yet, we only need the outline right now.

Step 10.

Now you can draw the very top part of her skirt, and the belt under it, make sure the belt sticks out a bit on the sides, you don't want it to be looking really tight on her.

Step 11.

Draw her striped sleeve, there are about this many stripes on her original sleeve, but you can put as many as you like! After that, you can draw her skirt, you can add a bit off short lines to define it.

Step 12.

Now you can go ahead and draw in the details of the top, and the details of the belt.

Step 13.

What you have to do now is erase what is not needed on the belt, and draw in the other ruffle part of her skirt, then you can erase what is behind it. We are done with the clothes! (Except for the bow in her hair... that comes later). Now we ca   

Step 14.

Go ahead and draw her bangs now, don't forget the two clips in her hair!

Step 15.

I really enjoyed this part! Drawing her bow! Make sure you get the two rectangles in there.

Step 16.

Now you can draw the rest of her hair in the back! You just have to erase the body parts hidden by her hair and clothing and...

Step 17.

YOU'RE DONE! Ink it, outline it, do whatever you please.

Step 18.

... then you can color it! Thanks for viewing! :D

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Artist: MurasakiMina
Date Added: March 5, 2018
Steps: 18
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Tags: how to draw vocaloid, how to draw vocaloid characters
Description: This is a tutorial on how to draw the Vocaloid, Rin Kagamine, in her outfit from the song "LUVORATORRRRRY" (by GiGaP and Reol, vocals by Rin and Gumi). I love the song so I decided to make a tutorial dedicated to it. I hope you enjoy the tutorial, or at least learn something from it. Thanks! :)