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How to draw a Christmas Elf girl

Artist: PokeAisy / December 21, 2015
How to draw a Christmas Elf girl

Step 1.

So, to start off, we have the skeleton-like thingy animu artists use to sketch out their drawings. Use a ruler if needed.

Step 2.

Add detail to the head, shoulders, and arms. Simple enough?

Step 3.

Add detail to the hair, face, face structure, and add hat. There was a reason this was intermediate.

Step 4.

Add detail to her dress so she's not naked, LEL. I'm so immature.

Step 5.

Add detail to the eyes, dress, arm warmers. My hand is sprained really bad (I forgot to mention), so I had to draw this with a sprained hand. Ouch.

Step 6.


Step 7.

Alright, I don't know why, but I colored her hair purple. I colored her green eyes (Christmas-ey) and fixed her face a little. I also outlined her hair and face with black pen.

Step 8.

You know the drill. Color her dress.

Step 9.


Step 10.


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Artist: PokeAisy
Date Added: December 21, 2015
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Tags: how to draw elves
Description: I thought "WWWAAAHH!!!! CHRISTMAS IS IN 4 DAYS! 4!! I guess I should make a tut..." But it really depends on when this is uploaded. Yes, yes, I used ink pens and colored it. That's only because I don't like crayons (too bulky), Markers (rins through paper too easily), or colored pencils (break too easily). So, here you go. Oh, and I also jacked around with my printer (yes, I scan my tut steps. Happy now?) and I found out how to flip the pictures around. YAY!!! I really didn't know what category to put it under, lol. Oh btw Merry Christmas.