Draw Megurine Luka V2

Artist: Iceflower / October 31, 2015

Step 1.

Lets start by drawing some sort of stick figure!It shouldn´t be messy though since this is the "skeleton" of your drawing.I already went ahead and sketched the basic head-shape too.

Step 2.

Use the guidelines that we drew in the head to determine the eyes position.(The distance between the two eyes should be as big as the lenght of one eye)Draw a part of the head(the rest is hidden by the hair)+mouth and nose

Step 3.

Draw the fronthair!The style here makes them look like the strands are glued together,so if you don´t like that just add some more strands and free areas between the hair.

Step 4.

Add the headphones!I couldn´t draw them really well here so they look kinda awkward but try to make them look as 3d as possible.

Step 5.

Luka has those wave-like ornaments(?)out of metal on her headphones.Draw 2 wavy lines that are close to eachother.Also draw a part of her wavy back hair.The side hair is in the same style as the front hair.Don´t forget to add the neck!

Step 6.

Now that we have drawn the neck we can finally start drawing her top´s neck-area :D Also draw a mirrored version of the wavy lines we drew on the headphones in the last step!

Step 7.

This is the trickiest part which confused me alot since I didn´t know how to show it...You have to rely on the stick-figure from step one and draw parts of the shirt,arms and hip.For traditional artists;use light strokes.For digital artists:Draw tha   

Step 8.

Unlike Miku,Rin and Len,Luka has only one sleeve whch is located on her right arm.Don´t forget to add the control panel too!Just draw some squares and circles in it.

Step 9.

Luka has some sort of bracelet...thing on her upper arm?Take your time to draw it correct and don´t forget the perspective/3d dimensionality(?) Since we currently have got nothing else do do on her upper half,We can start with the skirt(the skirt    

Step 10.

Lets add some more hair!Draw the LED light she has on her arm-bracelet thing(i still dont have a name for it 8( )and the two lines shown here.We can also start with the hands now!I couldn´t stop myself drawing,so I also added one of her breasts.The    

Step 11.

We can finally finish the hair!Draw the rest of the skirt,the second belt,and the triangle pattern she has on the belts!

Step 12.

I was not too happy with the headphones so I redrew the detail on it.(This is optional) Now we can start the hand!You can make the fingers thinner to make the hand look more graceful if you prefer it that way :)

Step 13.

Add the three lines on the top!(I think its a zipper of some sort)Now that we have drawn the finger we can add arm and bracelet!Don´t forget to add the other 2 fingers shown here!

Step 14.

Almost done!Finish the top and add the left hand!(it is a closed hand by the way XD) If you like you can add the bellybutton and some lines on her stomach.Before I forget,also add the pattern on Luka´s skirt!

Step 15.

This isn´t the hardest but a tricky(and the last 8D) step!Add the remaining detail of Luka´s chestpiece!You can use some references to zoom in so you can see the detail better!

Step 16.

I kinda hope you liked the "tutorial"!Vocaloid character suggestions and critique are appreciated!Happy coloring :)

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Artist: Iceflower
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Description: Hello everyone and welcome to my first tutorial!I want to apologize beforehand for any errors,i am bad at explaining but I hope I can develop my....tutorial skills here. I noticed that there is a lack of Vocaloid tutorials and of course as a hardcore Vocaloid fan I cannot tolerate that!>:D So today we will start with drawing "Megurine Luka V2",a v2/v4 engine vocaloid from crypton future media!The design is a bit tricky and I admit that I probably shouldnt have added so much detail in one step but...eh...I hope its fine for now ^^" Good luck and have fun drawing :3