Devil in Disguise, How to Draw


Lets start the first step by drawing all the guidelines and shapes for our characters in this lesson. The fellow on the floor is just a man begging on his knees.


For step two, we will be working on the little girl's face from a profile view. Start with the shape of her nose, mouth and chin, then draw the jawline and neck shape.


We will now draw in her short shaggy hair style which is suiting for the drawing concept.


Now that the face and hair are all done, we can begin drawing the body. Begin with the shoulder and arm with the hand reaching out. You will then draw the torso which is in the form of a one piece dress. Notice at the bottom of the dress it is torn a   


Add some scuff markings to the dress and then draw in her legs, socks and shoes. When that is done you are done for this step.


Before getting started with the devil reflection on the wall, we will draw in the man who is on his knees begging for help. Start by sketching out his hairstyle which is kind of long, but on the short side as well. Add some detailing and definition t   


We will now draw in the man's shoulder and his arm. When that is done you can draw the hand which is grappling the head under his hair.


Go ahead and draw the shape of the back and then his chest which is laying on the ground or floor. Add detailing as needed where you see it done here in this step.


Okay, we are almost done with the man. You will draw his thigh from them being bent in as he is on his knees. You will also sketch in some portions of his face. Once that is done you can move along to step ten where we will be finishing off this man    


For the final step for this guy, you just need to draw out the other arm and hand as it is reaching out to the young girl or child. He trusts in her because she is an innocent.


We will draw in the floor that they are standing on. The scene takes place in a quiet room with no one around. Draw in the floor planks too.


For the last drawing step we will draw in the shadow that is cast upon the wall in the form of the devil or a demon whatever terminology you prefer. This demon or devil has all the evil traits one looks for when you think of the term "devil in disgui   


Here is the line art when you are all done. Just color in your figures and show folks what you have just created.

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August 1, 2022

Description: Hey folks, today to start, I will be showing you how to draw my concept art on a devil in disguise, step by step. As you can see from the very creepy image, there is a girl who is luring in a man as he begs for help but the young girl is really a devil in disguise. This is one of those drawings that can have multiple meanings. For me I will just say that its for those of you who know there are people who are not who they say they are, but just ones out to hurt you. Anyways, have fun and let me know if you liked this lesson.

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