How to Draw a Demon Girl Tattoo


Start with some guidelines and shapes for the girl.


Begin to draw out the shape of her face using the guide you just made. With the face shape you need to add the eyebrows and horns.


Draw in her eyes, nose and mouth and add some detailing to the face as well.


Go ahead and draw out her long, thick straight hair and be sure to draw it in motion since she is riding a bomb her hair needs to be flowing. Add some curls and detailing through out as well.


Get started with the body by drawing the shoulders, arms and chest.


Now finish the one arm by giving it a hand and color in the nails. You will also need to draw out some of the torso shape.


Draw the other arm and hand and then draw in her back end and back legs as well as the devil tail and thong lining.


Here you will draw out the shape of the bomb which looks like a big twinkie. Once that is doen draw in the rest of the legs and then her feet.


Lastly, give the bomb a mean face and add the propeller at the back end. Erase the mistakes.


You are all done and ready to color in the drawing. I hope you had fun.

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August 20, 2020

Description: Hey guys. What's going on in the world today? Well on my side I have some cool tattoo type of lessons that I think you will find really cool and off the charts. Let's start with this one on how to draw a demon girl tattoo, step by step. This demon girl is riding a bomb and she is on her way to destruction. I love how the concept came out, she was fun to draw and create and I hope you have fun with it too. It's not going to be the easiest lesson to tackle, but it will be one of the coolest.

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