Chrome Skull Drawing Lesson

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Make a round circle shape like so and then add the guidelines for the face and wrenches.


We will use the guide shape to create the structure of the skull's head and face. When you do this be sure to add definition to the cheek bones and along the jawline.


Carefully draw out the eye sockets and fill them in with black coloring. When that is done you can draw the nose or nasal cavity, don't forget to color that in too. Add definition to the eyes like you see here and be sure to draw the brows.


Work on the mouth until you have the top and bottom row of teeth drawn out. Add the cigarette or cigar next, then color in the lining between the teeth for inner shadowing.


We will work on getting those wrenches drawn out next. Notice how the tips are pointed and not rounded. This gives the wrenched a nice weapon like effect. Add detailing along the edges of the wrenches, and proceed to step six.


Finish off the skull by adding the last of the detailing and this is to the skull, eyes, and jaw. All the lining that you detail the skull with ends up making the drawing look like a shinny chrome skull. Of course you have to add color. Erase the mis   


Chose your style of coloring and when you are done with that task show others your cool chrome skull.

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November 14, 2015

Description: I know I did a tut in the past on a skull with wrenches, but this time I wanted to sort of do the same kind of concept, but have the skull in a chrome like style. So today we will be drawing a chrome skull, step by step. The chrome style skull in this lesson has one blue eye and is smoking a cigarette or cigar or whatever. The tips of the wrenches are pointed instead of round, and this gives the wrenches an exciting or interested look. I had a lot of fun creating this tut, so naturally I hope you enjoy it too. I shall return with some other lessons so be sure to stay put.

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