A simple horse structure Tutorial


Now, I always start with the body. So carefully and lightly sketch the body of the horse. Like I have. Make sure you don't press to hard on your pencil, some of these lines you will need to rub out.


Now we finish the legs, it's best not to draw things all at once so we will do the hoves on the next step. Carefully draw the legs from the body.


Now, like i said, we draw the hoves. Notice how the hoves are straight but when it gets to the leg, some points are in a different direction. Make sure you notice that.


Now we have to draw the head and the ears, when you draw the extra mouth part you will need to rub out the blue part of the oval to create one final head shape.


Now, here's my favourite part. Draw the outline of the head hair, make sure the hair goes across the body. Make sure you make it curvy and wavy.


This is maybe one of the most important parts. You need to add lots of detail to the hair to make it stand out. Start by drawing lines through the hair make sure they all point upwards and make some of the lines connect to the horse head hair outli   


Again do the same with the tail hair, carefully draw the tail hair outline, make sure it goes over the body.


Again add the detail on to the tail. Make sure the lines point up and remember to connect some of the lines to the outline of the tail.


Now finally, draw the eye. It is basically a tilted square, the hair covers some of it. Also draw a line to show about the bone.

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August 10, 2013

Description: Want to learn how to draw this? I know some of you do! This is for DrawLife, who requested this Tutorial.

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