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Tiger Tutorial

Artist: melissa8111 / August 10, 2013
Tiger Tutorial

Step 1.

First of all we need to sketch the outline of the head. Make sure you don't press too hard with your pencil because we will need to rub out parts later on.

Step 2.

Now we must draw the mouth and the nose. First of all draw the outline of the tigers mouth. Make sure it spreads wide across the face but on the left not all the way. Add lines in on the nose that shows where the nostrils are.

Step 3.

Now we need to add the detail where the ears are. We don't need to add to many lines the less the more simple and better it will look. Where I have drawn the darker red lines is what you should draw.

Step 4.

Now we can add the detail of the fur, careful make little jagges lines along the outline of the Tigers face, make them short and neatly crammed together. Notice: There are some parts that you don't need to do this, like on the ears and cheek. It's   

Step 5.

Add in the detail, this shows some of the bones to make the face more realistic.

Step 6.

Now this is my favourite part but also the longest. We have to add in the markings on the tiger, this is the part that makes it look most realistic. Carefully draw the markings in and around the eyes. You can make them curvy or straight but it's best   

Step 7.

Now we have to add in the detail to the fur and the eyes. So do as I have done and add the rings in the eyes and the fur marks.

Step 8.

Finally, we add in the whiskers. Make some dots that are spread out and then start to draw lines form the face. Notice: I haven't drawn all of the lines to the dots that shows that the whiskers are spread around the cheek not just in one place.

Step 9.

Now your tiger should look something like this ^^ You can colour in the tiger orange and yellow, you could maybe add some gold. When colouring make sure that you press lightly with the darkest colour and then add the lighter colours on top. This is   

Step 10.

Once you have finihsed colouring, your tiger should look something like this. The Tutorial has now ended Please Favourite and Comment

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Artist: melissa8111
Date Added: August 10, 2013
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Description: So, want to learn how to draw this? I know some of you do! So, here is how! Requested by minun_pokemon