How to Draw a Race Horse

Artist: makangeni / June 21, 2013

Step 1.

Well, first of all, let's take a look to the frames of a simple running horse animation. These frames are very poorly drawn, without details, but they may help you to choose a pose when you want to draw a race horse in movement.

Step 2.

In this and in the following steps we will draw a horse head. First of all draw the guide lines. Horse head is elongated, the forehead and the muzzle are almost aligned (in the guide lines we will draw a unique straight line). Remember also large nos   

Step 3.

Draw the small eye of the horse and its large and circular nostril.

Step 4.

Draw the forehead and the muzzle, separated by the eyebrow of the hidden eye, then draw the mouth.

Step 5.

Draw the pointy ears, finish the muzzle and draw the cheeck.

Step 6.

Add a little detail inside the ears and draw the neck.

Step 7.

Now draw the crest on the head and on the neck and add some details to the whole head to make it less flat.

Step 8.

When the head of the horse is finished it may look similiar to this.

Step 9.

Now let's come back to the full body horse figure. As you can see, I've chosen the frame number two (step 1). Draw the guide lines like the ones you see in the image.

Step 10.

Start from the head. Draw the forehead and the muzzle.

Step 11.

Add the curved ear and the cheeck.

Step 12.

Now draw eye, nostril and neck.

Step 13.

Draw the shoulder and the withers, then focus on the forelegs. When you're done with the shoulder, draw the forearm, the knee and then the last part of the leg with the hoof.

Step 14.

Draw the back and the belly. Remember that race horses are quite slim.

Step 15.

We're almost done. Draw the hind legs and, at the end, the hairy tail.

Step 16.

Add the crest and details and muscle definition to the whole figure.

Step 17.

Here the finished horse. I hope you liked this tutorial!

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