The Black Panther Drawing Tutorial

Artist: DuskEyes969 / January 11, 2017

Step 1.

Start off this black panther drawing with a horrible basic shape , just to get the pose right .

Step 2.

Now construct the outline based on what you previously sketched . Also make his head first .

Step 3.

Now just make the remaining details .

Step 4.

On to the shading part . Since this was a fairly detailed drawing, I chose not to shade the whole thing in one go and then add details to individual part .So I only worked on certain sections from start to finish . Begin with the head by thickening t   

Step 5.

Using a blending stump, blend the shaded areas .

Step 6.

Now darken the same areas a bit more . The reason I didn't make them this dark in the first place is because when you use a dark pencil directly on the paper you get some little white spots , from the texture of the paper .

Step 7.

Now darken the rest .

Step 8.

Do the same thing for the area above the necklace , leave the necklace alone for now .

Step 9.

On to the shoulder . Darken the lines you already have on your sketch . You will use them to guide yourself when making another series of much smaller and complex ones .

Step 10.

Now hatch in a circular motion on the darker areas . Just to give you a bit of volume . After you're done, blend it .

Step 11.

Use a darker pencil to give more volume and detail. Highlight with an eraser if you must .

Step 12.

The process is exactly the same for the rest. Thicken the lines , add new ones .

Step 13.

Hatch the dark areas and blend them .

Step 14.

Use a darker pencil for more shadows and volume .

Step 15.

Now on to the left half of the chest and abdomen . This is a big area , so take your time . The process is the same .

Step 16.

Slightly shade the area.

Step 17.

Now make it darker.

Step 18.

Because what's left is a fairly small area, I decided to do it all at once .

Step 19.

Hatch and smudge .

Step 20.

Darken it some more.

Step 21.

Make a cloudy background .

Step 22.

Finally, shade the necklace and you're done .

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Artist: DuskEyes969
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Tags: how to draw marvel characters, how to draw black panther characters
Description: Hello people ! Unless you've been living with the monks on some mountain far from civilization , you should know that Marvel is making a lot of comic book super-hero movies , Black Panther being one of them. I just hope it's better than Ironman 3, and I also hope you enjoy this black panter pencil drawing hd, or black panther pencil drawing hd. Either way, enjoy.