Brad Pitt Drawing in Pencil

Artist: DuskEyes969 / September 25, 2015

Step 1.

Make a circle, a jawline and some guidelines on the face .

Step 2.

Draw the face and the actual jaw .

Step 3.

Now make the details on the face and shirt .

Step 4.

It should look like this .

Step 5.

Now make a slight shadow on everything .

Step 6.

Smudge everything except the hair .

Step 7.

Make the details on the eyes .

Step 8.

Move down to the nose .

Step 9.

Now the mouth and beard .

Step 10.

Shade the rest of the face .

Step 11.

Shade the neck .

Step 12.

Darken the areas you first shaded on the hair . When I say darken, I mean make them black .

Step 13.

Make some light shadows on the white areas . Make sure to smudge them .

Step 14.

Using a sharp 2B pencil , fill the white parts with lines like I did .

Step 15.

Finally, throw some shadows on the shirt and around it .

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