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How To Draw Nick Fury

Artist: Avengers1118 / September 4, 2013
How To Draw Nick Fury

Step 1.

First we start with a simple head, be sure to make the top of his head curved since his head is shaved.

Step 2.

Now we draw his neck and his ears. Be sure to add the details to his ears, the right ear is more complicated because his head is turned slightly.

Step 3.

Now we add the thing that makes him Nick Fury, we add his eye patch and scar. You start the band for his patch at the top of his head. Then once you draw the patch you draw the other part of the band to his right ear. Then add three lines coming out    

Step 4.

Next step is his eye and eyebrow. Go ahead and draw his pupil and a little circle inside the pupil for light shining off his eye. And then next to his eye draw a straight line going down to show his nose bone.

Step 5.

Now we draw his mouth and his nose. We will also add some lines to his face to show his cheekbones and stuff. Be sure to leave enough room because we will draw his beard next.

Step 6.

Now we add his beard to his facial features. And we will also draw his jacket. Make the lines for his beard kind of jagged to make it look scruffy.

Step 7.

Finally add some detail to his jacket to show the wrinkles in it.

Step 8.

Yay you did it! Now you can draw Nick Fury. Have fun coloring him (if you want to)! Keep your eyes open for more tutorials that are soon to come!

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Artist: Avengers1118
Date Added: September 4, 2013
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Tags: how to draw marvel characters
Description: This is my very first tutorial, and it is of Nick Fury from S.H.I.E.L.D! This was done on Microsoft Paint but you can draw it anywhere. I hope this can teach you to draw Nick Fury well! Enjoy fellow Marvel lovers!!