How to Draw Ultron

Artist: finalprodigy / December 26, 2016

Step 1.

Start by lightly sketching a basic skeleton. Start with a circle for the skull and branch outwards.

Step 2.

Begin adding Ultron's basic features from top to bottom. Continue sketching lightly without getting too caught up with details.

Step 3.

Sketch in the basic forms for the rest of the drawing. Don't be afraid to erase and try again if anything seems out of place.

Step 4.

Start adding clean, more detailed lines to the drawing. Lightly erase any unneeded guidelines before adding bold lines. Apply as little pressure as possible when applying these lines in order to make modifying them easier later on.

Step 5.

Detail the lines of his upper arms. Again, don't dwell too much on details, just try to make the lines bold and confident.

Step 6.

Define the lines of the forearms as well as the throne.

Step 7.

Finish defining the lines by working on Ultron's torso and the rest of his body. Erase any unneeded lines over the drawing as a whole before advancing from this step.

Step 8.

Add a base layer of smooth shading to the drawing. The best method to use here would be to load some graphite onto a piece of paper towel or tissue and then lightly blend the graphite into the paper. Powdered graphite works well for this.

Step 9.

Use a 3B pencil to roughly shade Ultron's head and the aura surrounding it. Use an eraser to add highlights.

Step 10.

Use an HB pencil to define the shading a bit more. Use a blending stump to smooth out any overly rough shading.

Step 11.

Add rough shading and highlights to the upper left arm. Add rough shading to upper left side of the background as well.

Step 12.

Lightly define the shading with an HB pencil and smooth it out with a blending stump. Don't get too caught up in detailed shading just yet.

Step 13.

Roughly shade in the rest of the left arm and background. Don't forget to shade in the throne and cloak beneath his arm as well.

Step 14.

Add details and blending to the previous step's shading.

Step 15.

Add rough shading to Ultron's body. Work from top to bottom, piece by piece.

Step 16.

Add detailed shading and blending to the previous step's shading.

Step 17.

Roughly shade in the rest of the drawing. Remember to work from top to bottom, section by section.

Step 18.

Add more detailed shading and blending to the rest of the drawing.

Step 19.

Begin refining the shading and lines of the drawing. Use 3B pencil to build up the shading then Use an H pencil to refine it. Sharpen the edges and outlines using the H pencil. Start with the left side of the drawing.

Step 20.

Refine the shading in the middle third of the drawing. Work from top to bottom, section by section. Use a blending stump as needed to smooth out the shading.

Step 21.

Refine the rest of the drawing shading.

Step 22.

Make on final pass over the entire drawing. Erase any needed highlights. This time Use an HB pencil to add any finishing touches to the shading. smooth out the background shading if necessary.

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Artist: finalprodigy
Date Added: December 26, 2016
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Tags: how to draw marvel characters
Description: "Submit or Perish." How to draw the Marvel Comics "Annihilation: Conquest" version of Ultron. Graphite: HB for general shading/sketching, H for detailed shading, 3B for dark shading, and powdered graphite for base shading. Paper: 2-ply Bristol Vellum.