How to Draw Whiplash

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Drawing Whiplash is going be hard, but for the first few steps, it will be relatively easy. Start with a circle shape for the head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw a neck line and attach it to another blocky looking shape for Wh   


You will now start lightly sketching out Whiplashes face as you see here and then start sketching out the beginning lines of his long greasy looking hair style. Next sketch out his eyes and eyebrows, and then sketch out his nose, mouth, frown lines,    


Finish sketching out the long hair style like you see it here and then start sketching out his mechanical harness. This is one of the more complicated steps because you have to intricately sketch out every screw, bolt, strap, steel plate, and so fort   


Here you will continue to sketch out the arm braces that make his electrical whips work or to be held in place. Again, take your time sketching out the mechanics of his weaponry, and pay attention to detail. This is probably one of the more harder st   


Surprisingly this is going to be your last drawing step. Continue to sketch out his arm braces and then draw the handles for his whips. Sketch out his hands and then sketch out the belt that holds up his pants. Lastly sketch out Whiplash's pants and    


Here is what your character should look like when you are done learning "how to draw Whiplash, step by step". Have fun coloring him in, and now you are done.

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December 29, 2009

Description: I am going to submit another character from The Marvel Comics warehouse. As some of you may know, Iron Man 2 is going to be coming out very soon. There is some pretty cool characters from the movie that look amazingly cool which is making me jonze big time to go out and see this flick. The first Iron Man was rockin, but the second looks like a heavy metal band gone crazy. This character took me a very long time to complete because I decided to draw the Marvel Comics villain in his form from the movie. I used a reference picture I found from an image online. I think for the complexity of this character, learning "how to draw Whiplash" may be a bit of a challenge for you too. Whiplash in the movie is played by the very talented “Mickey Rourke”. Now, originally, Whiplash's real name is Mark Scarlotti and before he became a villain in the Marvel universe he was a very bright man with a lot of potential. He graduated with honors from college and he could have had it all. He was given an opportunity to work at Stark International, but unfortunately fate took him in another direction. Mark Scarlotti got involved with an international crime organization called “The Maggia”. He was building weapons for them and for himself, and soon he became completely consumed with the life of crime. Mark Scarlotti eventually turned into “Whiplash”. Once he meet his opponent, Iron Man, he was defeated repeatedly until he finally gave up for a while. Now that he was sure that Iron Man was virtually unstoppable, he upgraded his weaponry and went by the new name of “Blacklash”. From the previews of Iron Man 2, Whiplash doesn't seem to be an American like the original character from Marvel. Instead he has an accent that sounds a bit Russian or something, and he mentions that Tony Stark's weapons are to blame for the lost of his loved ones which is why he seeks out revenge. Whiplash's main weapons of choice are two cybernetically controlled whips that can also be converted into nunchakus or vaulting poles, and that my friends is pretty dang cool. Even though this character was a good challenge, I think I did a good job. Now, I'm not saying that I did an awesome job because I know I didn't. If I tried a little harder, and took my time a bit more, then I think I could have drawn an awesome Marvel Comics villain. Anyway, I will eventually upgrade this character, but until then have fun learning "how to draw Whiplash, step by step”. Peace out, and happy drawing!

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