Reagan Ridley, How to Draw


Begin like we always do and that is with the shapes and guidelines.


Here you will draw one half of Reagan's head/hairstyle shape.


Next, draw the right side of the head and hair, then draw out the shape of her face followed by the eyebrows.


Next, draw in the face which consists of the eyes, nose and mouth.


Draw the ponytail and then the shape of her neck. When that is done you can draw the shoulders, shirt collar and lapels from her scientific jacket.


Finish the torso by drawing the left arm and rest of her lab coat.


Finish everything off by drawing the rest of the arm, hand, and counter. Erase the mistakes when you are done.


Here is the line art for Reagan Ridley. Now all you have to do is color her in.

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March 1, 2024

Description: Hey there guys. Welcome to another one of my lessons. Today I will do a couple of characters from the Netflix series Inside Job. Here is how to draw Reagan Ridley, step by step. I do hope you enjoy the tut. I will be back with another character from the series. I don't know if the series is still active, but these two characters were requested. Enjoy!

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