Life and Death Drawing Tutorial


Let us start with an easy task. Draw a deformed looking head shape with the jaw structure and face.


Next, since this is supposed to be when I was sick, you will draw in the long flowing hair as well as the strand lines. Notice that hair too is in a spiral flow.


Draw the emaciated looking arm and hand. For those of you who don't know what emaciated means, it's just another word to describe skin and bones or skinny, malnourished, just sick looking.


Begin drawing the body starting with the torso. The rib cage is prominent, and the back and hip bones are also sticking out. You will then draw in some of the thigh and stomach.


You will now draw in the fragile looking bony legs and feet. Notice that this body looks dead or wilted. Add the texture detailing to the body as well.


To finish the body just draw in the other arm and hand the same skinny or bony way you did the first.


Now we can start drawing the thick, spiral shaped umbilical cord that is coming out of the human's back. This swirl should be drawn slowly so all the effects are created properly.


Continue drawing the cord like so, and proceed to step nine.


The spiral cord seems to turn singular in this step. Once the cord is drawn out and detailed, you can proceed to step ten.


This is basically your last drawing step. You will draw in the rest of the umbilical cord which forms into an embryo at the top. Color in an eye for your embryo and you are ready to erase any mistakes you made.


Here is the end result. Now you can add color to the drawing. Remember to start with light colors on top and darker colors towards the bottom.

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August 9, 2015

Description: I have a special treat for all of you who love concept art tutorials and I have one that is really cool. For the last three days I have been really sick. I was bed ridden having the chills, fever, cough, chest congestion, and just plain delirium. I felt so bad, that I literally thought I was gonna die. I'm sure it was nothing more than exaggeration because of how awful I felt, but it is what inspired me to make the lesson you see before you now. Here is my take on a life and death drawing tutorial. At the top you see an embryo and in the beginning of life everything is bright, happy and full of life. But as we age, our souls start getting more and more dead. We start loosing our drive, our beauty, youth, innocence and ourselves. Even though life is a gift from God, death is another extension to life. With life comes death and with death comes new life. It's all a beautiful love song that never goes away, but when you feel like your life is about to end, just know that there is always light on the other side. This figure is a good representation on how fragile the human body really is. We are not superheroes, we are just a species who has superior knowledge making us stand out and thrive with everything around us. Have fun with this concept, I will be back with other cool tuts soon.

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