How to Draw an Embrace


Begin with head and torso shapes like you see here. This will be your guides for the two people you are about to create.


For your next step all you have to do is sketch out the back of the female's head which is long and straight but also full. Her bangs are also exposed as you can see.


Draw the small portion of the female's face which is just her cheek. When that is done you can add the arm and shoulder as it stretches around the neck of her lover.


Next, draw her other shoulder and arm like so, as well as some of her back. Define the back in the center too.


Here you will begin the drawing process for the male figure. His arm is completely wrapped around her body in a tight hold. Draw his hand and define the arm to create muscle tone.


You will now draw his left arm and shoulder, then sketch in some of the shape for the female's torso/back.


Continue to work on getting his arm finished, then when you are done with that you can define the muscle tone on his forearm like so. You will also detail the lower middle of her back.


Once you sketch in the male's head in the form of his hair, you are done with drawing an embrace. I hope you had fun folks. Erase the mistakes to complete the lesson.


Color in your drawing and call it finished. This was a fun tutorial to create.

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April 17, 2017

Description: When you think of people being in love there are a few things that come to mind as being common acts that most lovers/companions do. One of those acts is taking someone in your arms and just giving them an incredible hug. Most couples do this after a fight, a break-up, a reunion, or just out of giving affection on a regular basis. There is only one word however that comes to mind when one of these heart felt, emotional acts takes place, and that is an embrace. Today I will show you "how to draw an embrace", step by step. As you can see just by the couple in the picture, the man and woman are completely wrapped around one another to a point where their bodies are one. Embracing someone is a feeling that is so emotional, that no words needs to be said once the embrace is through. You know what the person is thinking, feeling, and wanting with just one intense hug. I left them without tops on because I wanted to capture the beauty of two bodies in the moment. I hope you have fun with drawing an embrace, I have more tuts on the way so stay tuned in.

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