Jessica Rabbit Drawing Goth Style

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Begin by drawing the body guides for Jessica. This should include the head guide and the body guidelines.


Define the shape of Jessica's face and then incorporate the shape of her ear. When that is done you can draw the swoosh of hair that falls over her eye.


Next, draw in more of Jessica's hairstyle which is sort of straight with a sexy wave. As I said in the previous step, the left side of her face is covered with hair. Draw in the one eye and eyebrow like so, when that is done you can draw in her lips    


We will now start tackling her body beginning with the long neck shape. Then draw in her shoulders and arms. As you can see the right arm is raised up and the left arm is resting on her hip. The hip will be drawn in the next step.


Let us now draw in the shape of her voluptuous body. Start with the lining of her back and draw in the butt. When that is done we can sketch out her chest, stomach and the rest of her body. Add the bulge for added definition to her body and then add    


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the rest of Jessica's hair. This is just her length. Erase the mistakes and guides and then you are done here.


That's it, this is the line art. Now you can color her in Gothic style or color her in the way she originally is.

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February 27, 2016

Description: Here is a sexy and sassy drawing or concept for Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. She has been an iconic cartoon figure for a long while and it seems as though people still can't get enough of her. This lesson we will be drawing Jessica Rabbit Gothic style. I thought every sexy cartoon figure should have a dark side, so this is hers or at least to me this is what I believe she would look like. Nothing has changed except the color of her hair, makeup and clothes. Anyways, have fun. I hope you like this concept I really enjoyed turning Jessica Rabbit into a dark figure.

#how to draw goth #how to draw roger rabbit characters
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