Drawing Baby Herman from Roger Rabbit

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Start off with a head and body guide like so and then sketch in the facial guidelines followed by the leg guides.


Define the shape of Baby Herman's face which should have a bald head, chubby cheeks and the outline of an ear.


Fill the gap on the head with a tuft of hair and then the bow. When that is done use the facial guidelines to draw out the shapes of the eyes. They should be expressive to give Baby Herman his character look. When that is done you can draw in the str   


Up next, draw Baby Herman's shoulders, arms and hands. Be sure to make the hands rest on the hips and then when that is done add the belly, and the hair that falls behind Baby Herman's head.


Lastly, draw in the diaper which is cloth as well. Add the safety pin that closes the diaper shut and then draw in his legs. You are done which means you can erase the guidelines and all the mistakes.


Here is the line art. Now all you have to do is color Baby Herman in.

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April 28, 2016

Description: For the last character of the Roger Rabbit themed tuts, I will show you a lesson on my other favorite character from the film and that is baby Herman. So, today we will be learning how to draw Baby Herman, step by step and we will do it easy. Baby Herman is an awesome character because not only is he a fouled mouth boy, he also smokes a cigar and has an attitude to match that face. Drawing Baby Herman shouldn't be too complicated because you are basically drawing a baby in a cloth diaper. I do hope you enjoy this lesson. Stick around before there is more in store today.

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