How to Sketch Anime


Before we begin with the actual lesson, I want to show you some drawings that you may enjoy. To start here is a look at some sketched anime eyes that vary in size, shape and form. Notice the difference between sketched eyes, verses drawn eyes.


Here is some sketched anime faces or face expressions that are very commonly seen in anime and manga today. Have a look see on the many different face expressions that you can include on your sketched anime face.


This is a sketch of three different anime ears. Notice the sizes, rounded, squared, and small child like ear. I myself like the small and medium sized ear.


When sketching anime faces, there is certain portions you have to follow. There is a front view, three fourths view, and a side profile of a sketched anime face.


Now for the lesson. Start with a circle for the head, and then draw in the facial guidelines as well as the neck and back line.


You will now start sketching out the actual shape of the sketched anime head and face structure like so. When this part of the lesson is followed and completed you can sketch in the top lid lines for the eyes, and a slight wispy line for her hand.


Sketch out the anime hairstyle like so, or you can choose to use your own style that you like best. When the hair is situated, you can then continue to sketch out the eyes, eyebrows, and then the nose and mouth which happens to be open.


Color in the pupils, and then draw more of her hairstyle like so. The next thing to do is sketch out the slightly hunched over hand that her chin and or face is resting on, and then be sure to sketch out hands fingers. Lastly for this step, all you n   


The very last thing to do is continue to sketch out her arms, and then move over and add the hint of her breast shape like so. To finish off this sketch of an anime figure, all you need to do is sketch out the ear, add detailing inside of the ear, an   


In the end you will have a wonderfully drawn sketched out image of an anime figure. I do hope you liked this tutorial on how to sketch anime. Thanks so much for joining me today, for another fun and creative session of drawing. Hopefully you learned    

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December 14, 2010

Description: Well, here it is the last lesson for the day which makes a total of six new uploaded lessons. To finish things off, I thought a nice hand drawn sketched tutorial on "how to sketch anime", step by step would be a fantastic lesson to follow. As I have told you before, my recent drawings on paper have been extremely fun for me because I actually get to draw on a sheet of sketching paper, using an old fashioned pencil and eraser. I thought long and hard about what I should make a tutorial out of, and after careful thought, I finally came to terms with making an awesome sketch based anime drawing. Sketching anime is a bit different than actually drawing characters using a straight stroke. Whenever you sketch any type of person, object, animal, or even cartoon, the drawing is almost always going to look different. Sketching is an art, just as drawing and painting is an art. There is so many different types of artists out there that have their own labels. For instance, if you are an artist that works mostly on the computer using a tablet, you would fall under the digital artist group. There is also a cartoon artist, anime/manga artist, artists that specialize in drawing animals, realistic artists, and of course the sketch artist. I am far from being a sketch artist because I mainly do all my drawings on the computer using a drawing tablet. Sketching or drawing on paper is something that I enjoy doing on a daily basis just to keep things fresh and new for me. The worst part to being someone who draws all the time is getting bored with drawing in general. Anyways, this lesson on "how to sketch anime" should be all you need to creating a perfect drawing of an anime character with ease. I will be back tomorrow with more new lessons for you all, but I will also come back around eight o'clock as I will be drawing live for you all. Have a fun time everyone, and remember to keep the requests coming in. Adios amigos!

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