How to Sketch Clothes

Artist: Dawn / December 6, 2010

Step 1.

A very important technique of sketching is the 'crosshatching' method. This can be used in various drawings as you shade. What it consists of is basically sketching in one direction and then sketching in the opposite. This is a very popular method se   

Step 2.

There are a variety of styles when sketching clothing. The most basic is draw the lower outline of the ruffles and then drawing the inner defining details to create the 'ruffled' look. This style is more commonly seen on dresses and other long draped   

Step 3.

Wrinkles can be a struggle for most artists, mainly because they have no idea where to place them. Creases should only be applied to areas that have active force. They are mostly seen on downward angles. Wrinkles are visible when something is moving,   

Step 4.

Now, I get a lot of people inquiring me about drawing clothing on un-leveled areas (example. breasts, muscles, larger bodies). Here's a little tip that will give a general idea on how to apply this to your future drawings. Wrinkles will appear when s   

Step 5.

Pant creases for really baggy pants are somethings a little confusing due to being unaware to "how the wrinkles start or end". Take your time and figure our the starting point of the pant crease. In this case, they almost look like pancake batter bei   

Step 6.

Here's a view on the bare body. ( I know that the guy's head looks very large and alien-ish, and his arm is awkward). Establishing yourself with the basic body frame before sketching clothes on is very important.

Step 7.

With the tips applied from above, see how our figures look different with clothing on? With the proper shading in advance, you'll have nice figures!

Step 8.

Alright, I prepped up a dynamic pose for the drawing part of this tutorial. First, let's draw the basic body frame before we jump into the clothing region. Start with the foundation for the body so you're ready to draw the actual framework.

Step 9.

Next, draw the body frame! This can be a little time consuming because all the features that must be drawn. Use blocks for the hands so you'll draw them easier later on. Take your time folks!

Step 10.

Then, add the fingers and the clothing! Remind yourself of the basic rule of wrinkle drawing!

Step 11.

Lastly, add a few finishing details to create a cooler sketch!

Step 12.

With initial shading and other tidy ups, you'll have yourself a nice sketch of a girl on her knees. I have a better advancement with drawing on paper than unnaturally drawing on a tablet. I hope this tutorial has given you a few good tips and tricks    

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Alright, this is definitely my most favorite tutorial of the night, mainly because I felt a huge sketching rush power in my god forsaken veins! I had epical fun with the figures drawn in this lesson, as well as unseen figures on my sketch papers. This tutorial should be pretty helpful, since I don't really have any tuts on “sketching clothes” here on DragoArt. I used various pencils for this tutorial which go by 4H for the darker outlines, 2H for the preliminary sketches, and Prismacolor Black PC935 for the very dark lines. I had to use extremely dark tones for the entire tutorial because of the bad scanner quality (my scanner dates back to 2006!). With this uber helpful tutorial, you'll be guided through learning “how to sketch clothes”, step by step. There's a variety of things to be discussed in this lesson in which I had fun with explaining. It's recommended to get yourself a nice sketch pencil set, (I got mine at Walmart), sheets of paper (copy paper is suitable), a sharpener, and a Hi-Polyester eraser which is also something I've been using for the past “how to sketch” tutorials. Haha, it's been a very long day tonight with all this tutorial submitting and creating, so I think imma call it a night. I hope ya'll will fruit from this lesson on “sketching clothes”, step by step. Thanks so much for the views and I wish you all good luck on your learning journeys!