How to Sketch Mouths

Artist: Dawn / January 27, 2017

Step 1.

This is a drawing of the many types of different mouth upper lips that you can choose for your mouth drawing. Some mouths have pointed arches, and some have rounded.

Step 2.

Here is show you how the Cupid's bow lip shading should be added when sketching in detailing and texture definition.

Step 3.

Here I show you the importance of how the smile wrinkles should look on the sides of the mouth. Notice how every type of mouth has a different wrinkle. The joker type of mouth has more depth, while the regular female version of a mouth has a wispy lo   

Step 4.

As you can see from this sketched drawing, there are many different types of mouths and lips that can be drawn on your character creation. Remember, the mouth you choose to draw adds personality and character to your figure or face. So having said th   

Step 5.

Now lets start this lesson on sketching mouths. Start with a slanted horizontal line like so.

Step 6.

Now you will draw the type of lips you want on your characters face. In this case I am sketching a full set of lips to go along with supple effect.

Step 7.

Now you will sketch out the contours of the lips. In this case I wanted the mouth to look a little like Michelle Pfeiffers.

Step 8.

Here is my sketched mouth that you just learned to draw with the digital steps I provided for you. I hope you had fun drawing this mouth.

Step 9.

Now lets start sketching out the first lip line for the joker style mouth that I sketched out in my lesson. Start with a line with a lifted corners, and a dip in the middle.

Step 10.

Now you will start sketching out the lining for the lips and the size of the mouth should also be determined here as well. Notice how the mouth has a comic book like feel? That is what I am going for.

Step 11.

Before you start sketching out the gums, you will need to lightly sketch in the lines for the cupids bow, and then sketch in the two arrow like lines for the corners of the mouth. Next, sketch out the gums which should contain the arches for the teet   

Step 12.

Now you are ready to sketch out the teeth and I chose to make crooked, broken looking teeth because this is a sinister type of mouth. Once the teeth are sketched out add some circles to the top of the lip for a gloss effect. Erase the lines and shap   

Step 13.

Here is what the sketch of the sinister style mouth looks like when you are all done. Now you can choose to either use this mouth on a character, or not use it at all. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on how to sketch mouths.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Today I finally made my famous wonton soup from scratch. I have been waiting so long to make this dish because I love wonton soup. To show you guys how much I like feeding my mouth such a dish, I am going to submit this lesson on "how to sketch mouths", step by step. The mouth in the thumbnail is how my mouth feels when I'm about to take a bit in a savory dish of an Asian based soup. Sketching mouths is one of those things that can be hard if you're a novice artist, or not so bad if you are an intermediate artist. I myself had a problem with drawing the human mouth because getting the lips symmetrical and real looking was a big problem for me. I admit I still have a flaw when it comes to making one side identical to the other. I am still struggling with this handicap, but the more I practice the better I am becoming. I have fallen in love with sketching on paper again, and as the days progress I will be uploading more and more tutorials that are going to be from me actually using pencil, paper, and eraser. I haven't drawn this way in so long so for me it feels really good drawing on a clean sheet of sketching paper. The tablet is great too, but I think it's a more personable experience for members when I submit lessons on an actual sketched object. I think you will find that learning "how to sketch mouths" really isn't going to be all that bad. I will be back later with some other fun tutorials for you all so stay tuned in to see what I will put up next. Oh yeah by the way, Christmas is now only fifteen days away. Just some food for thought.