How to Draw a Realistic Dragon, Draw Real Dragon

Artist: finalprodigy / December 6, 2010

Step 1.

Here is my first concept sketch. I didn't keep much this sketch but I really liked the idea of a dragon with outstretched wings breathing fire.

Step 2.

Going off of the previous concept, I started version one of this tutorial...

Step 3.

I came this far with this idea before realizing how awkward and boring the pose was. It was back to the drawing board for me to think of a more dynamic, interesting pose.

Step 4.

I really liked this idea. The dragon still has outspread wings and is still breathing fire but looks much more interesting.

Step 5.

Here is the final concept sketch. This sketch had the most influence on the final drawing. With the idea now implanted in my mind I started the final drawing.

Step 6.

Start out by roughly sketching out the dragon and its flame. Don't get drawn into detail yet.

Step 7.

Since this is all coming from imagination it was a lot easier to start from outside and work my way in. Start outlining the form with think black lines.

Step 8.

Make the outline as dark and defined as possible. This adds a large amount of realism to the drawing!

Step 9.

Now start adding in some details. This is where all of those concept sketches come in handy. The head is ls greatly influenced by the second to last concept sketch. If you have trouble thinking of ideas for your dragon, draw inspiration from real ani   

Step 10.

Keep defining everything as crisply as you can. Don't worry about shading yet. The line art is the most important thing here.

Step 11.

Using a tissue or a tortillion lightly blend in some shadows. The main light source here will be the flame so shade accordingly. No need to get too detailed yet. Just a few hints at shading here and there will do.

Step 12.

Add in the darkest shadows first and work your way up in value to the lighter shades. This is probably the hardest step since you have to imagine where each shadow would be and how the light is hitting the form. You will have to imagine in three dime   

Step 13.

After you have your shading in you can start adding details. Add some scales here and there, define the nails a bit, and start fixing anything that looks a little off to you. You can also define the dragon's outline more now.

Step 14.

And here is our dragon after adding some more details and shading! I hope this was helpful. Sorry for the bad photo quality. I will upload a scanned version into my gallery as soon as I can!

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Artist: finalprodigy
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Description: Time to draw a realistic dragon! I am including a few of my concept sketches in addition to the actual tutorial in order to make this tutorial a bit more helpful. I hope you'll indeed enjoy this tutorial on "how to draw a realistic dragon, step by step. Let's get started!