How to make your own Girl Sonic charrie


These are some of the nuzzles that you will use. The first one can be used for any, the second one is for wolves, and the third one is used for birds.


These are the noses. The first one is used for anything. The second one is mostly for hedgehogs. If you make a bird, you will not make a nose.


These are the eyes! The first eyes are only for types of cats. The second eyes are for any. The third pair of eyes are for hedgehogs. The first pair at the bottom are calm eyes. the second one at the bottom are sad of worried eyes. The last pair at t   


these are the mouths. The first one on top is any, the one blow is a smile,and below that is a smile with a tooth. The one below is bored, then surprised. The second one on top is sad, below is angry, and blow that is happy.


These are the ears. The first one is any, below are dogs, and below that are bunnies. then on top is a bat, below is a lynx, and then a tiger. The last one on top can be any, then below are bugs, and finally hedgehogs.


Now lets get started! These are optional guidelines, but if you are a beginner,I would suggest using them.


We will be drawing a cat. Now we will get started with the nuzzle and her bangs. Then do part of her hair going down.


Now draw the cat eyes and draw ears. Don't forget about the mouth!


You need to start thinking about the clothes and where her arms are going. You can draw part of the arms and the outline or her shirt.


Now you can finish the arms and hands. Then you can draw a skirt, shorts, or jeans and then the legs.


You can start the eyes and do the eyelashes. Earrings are optional. You can draw the tail and if you want put markings or a ribbon around her tail. You can finish the hair either down or in a ponytail.


Erase the guidelines and you are finished with the outline!


Color! Give her outfit designs if you want and give her highlights!


This is an additional step. This is how to do her eyes. Pick one color and get a slightly darker color of that color, a very dark, and a light. Put them together as shown and add shine! That's the end!

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May 6, 2012

Description: This is my first tut!

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