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How to Draw Zack

Artist: Dawn / April 13, 2010
How to Draw Zack

Step 1.

It's always easy starting a first step, but as the tutorial progresses, the lesson becomes more and more difficult. Start by drawing the shape of his head, and then add the face lines. You will then need to draw out the shape for the torso, waist, le   

Step 2.

You can now sketch out the shape of Zack's face. Once that is done sketch in the eyes, nose, and mouth. Lastly draw the hair that frames his face with a few pieces hanging in the face.

Step 3.

You will completely sketch out the neatly spiked hairstyle for Zack. To define the ends, use small razor strokes to get the tips to look fluffy or full. Next draw the outline of an ear, and then draw the shoulders and some of his vest.

Step 4.

Detail the ear, and then start sketching out both of his arms. You will also need to draw the seam lines for the shoulder armor that is strapped to his torso. Once that is done you can then draw out the holster or straps themselves that belong to the   

Step 5.

Sketch out both hands paying close attention to the hand that his holding the swords handle. The handle itself needs to be sketched out and detailed by drawing the cloth wrap that is braided around the stub. Once that is done, draw the hand-guard, an   

Step 6.

Add some minor detailing to his right hand, and then sketch out the oversized leather belt like stomach padding or armor, and then draw the two belt straps and buckles. Detail and define this part of Zack's attire.

Step 7.

Now you begin the drawing process of Zack's pants and or legs. Draw in some detailed lines to add texture or to show that his pants are supposed to be a bit baggy. You will accomplish this style by adding wrinkles, and or creases.

Step 8.

You will now finish off your FF character by sketching out the boots, and adding the zippers on the front of his boots. Erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to prepare your character for an awesome coloring job.

Step 9.

This is how your sketched drawing looks when you are done with this tutorial on "how to draw Zack Fair, step by step. Color him in, and now you also have Cloud's buddy as a lesson. I hope you had fun, and be sure to join me once again.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 13, 2010
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Description: "Boy oh boy... the price of freedom is steep."That is a quote that Final Fantasy is one of the most remarkable games I have ever played. One of the memorable characters is of course, Cloud Strife. A lot of stories for games and movies, always have the main characters having some sort of buddy, boyfriend, girlfriend, or even best friend. In this case, Cloud's best friend was Zack Fair. Some of you may have never had heard of this guy before, and that is because he is rarely mentioned. I was asked to do a lesson that teaches you "how to draw Zack", step by step, in a very easy to follow tutorial. Not only was he a non-playable character in Final Fantasy VII, he was the main protagonist in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII which is the prequel to FFVII. If you're wondering if he was the original owner of the Buster Sword, the answer is no. The Buster Sword actually originally belonged to Zack's mentor, Angeal Hewley. Zack inherited the sword from Angeal after they dueled. It was later passed down to Cloud, when Zack was fighting for their lives. Unfortunately, Zack expires, but before he departs he tells Cloud that he must carry on and live the dreams they once had together. To Zack, just Cloud being alive and acting as a solider, is living proof that Zack did in fact have a life, and he was a good solider. I think I will do a lesson on the Buster Sword just because it is such a major part of the Final Fantasy flicks. Zack also appears in Cloud's memories and dreams in “Final Fantasy: Advent Children”. I love the way that this character came out because I drew him to look more like a portrait. If you want to learn “how to draw Zack Fair” too, all you have to do is follow the steps, and read the instructions. I have three more lessons to upload still so stay tuned in for more. Peace out people and have a good drawing day!