How to Draw You Dont Say, You Dont Say Meme

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Start off with a pretty nice circle like you see here then add the facial guideline.


You will start sketching out the actual shape of the face which is in an upward starring pose. Draw the top part of the head and the front part of the face which should also include the chin.


Draw in the outlining to form the hairline that frames the face, then the ear. Notice how the neck is in a pointed V like shape.


You can now draw out the shoulders, as well as the opening for his jacket.


Your meme is almost done. All that is left to do is the task of drawing out the shapes for the eyes, sketch out the lining to form the nose, then draw in the mouth. You have to add some shading for the nostrils too.


Lastly, color in the pupils with no iris' to give this meme a very expressive look. Add the frown lines around the mouth, then add detailing to form the face, inside the ear, and on the chin. Color inside the mouth, then erase your mistakes if made a   


Here is Nicolas Cage in his psycho look turned into a rage comic meme. I know you enjoyed drawing You Don't Say.

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August 10, 2012

Description: Hey folks I'm back today with another lesson but this time instead of starting off with an animal or star, I thought we could have some fun by tackling the task of drawing another internet meme. Here is "how to draw You Don't Say", step by step. The rage comic meme 'You Don't Say' was actually created or based on Nicolas Cage's character from a movie he did back in 1988 called 'Vampires Kiss'. It was a very goofy and entertaining film about a character named Peter Loew (played by cage) who was going crazy and thought without a doubt that he was turning into a vampire. The saying “You don't say” is actually a phrase that the character says in the film. An outlined drawing of Cage's character was created to mimic Peter Loew. The meme first appeared on Roflrazz on August 15, 2009. Later, the contour drawing depicting Cage's character appeared in a rage comic which was uploaded by a user named 'LeechHax'. It had gotten so popular that You Don't Say was appearing almost everywhere. This is a really cool lesson on drawing Nicolas Cage as an internet meme. If you are familiar with this rage comic star, you should enjoy tackling this tut. I still have some other stuff that needs to be uploaded so stay tuned in for a while longer to see what I have in store for you all. Peace out people!

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