How to Draw Yao Ming, Yao Ming Face

Artist: Dawn / August 13, 2012

Step 1.

Make the simple shape for the head and or face like so, then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

You will use the shape you just made to sketch out the structure of Yao Ming's face. This contour lining should include the shape of his chin, jawline and ear. Don't forget to draw the hairline as well as his neck.

Step 3.

Draw out and color in the thick eyebrows, then draw the lining to form the nose and nostrils. You will also need to draw out the open mouth and lips, then add some detailing under the chin.

Step 4.

Sketch out the eyes, darken the slit area part of the eyes, then draw in the frown lines around the nose. You will also need to draw in the small teeth then color inside of his mouth solid.

Step 5.

Sketch in the facial features that makes Yao Ming's face very expressive like the crinkles on the forehead, the crease lines at the corners of the eyes, and the crease lines on the sides of his mouth. You will draw out the back part of the shoulders    

Step 6.

Draw out and color in the entire head or short hairstyle like so. You are all done with making your own Yao Ming meme. Now all you have to do is clean things up by erasing the mistakes.

Step 7.

Here is what the finished drawing looks like. Grab a yellow crayon, marker, or pencil and start coloring in the meme, or you can leave it black and white.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 13, 2012
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Description: I have another cool meme for all you internet meme and rage comic fans. Since uploading the 'You Don't Say' meme, I wanted to make a tutorial based on another very popular one that is well recognized for its hysterical nature. Today I will show you "how to draw Yao Ming meme", step by step. The meme face is based on the actual professional Chinese basketball player that played or plays for the Houston Rockets. The internet meme of Yao Ming is often used in a manner to dismiss someone elses input or opinion during discussions online. This meme is definetly used as a reaction face, and will remain one of the popular internet memes. The face of Yao Ming is actually based on what he looked like as he was laughing during an interview in May of 2009. In 2010, artist 'downlow' submitted the contour drawing of Yao Ming to Reddit. He had no idea that the image would blow up the way it did, but here it is today. I had a lot of fun making this lesson because it made me laugh when I was drawing out the mouth and eyes. I think you too will have fun recreating a Yao Ming meme of your own that you can actually use in the future. That's it, peace out and let the games begin!