How to Draw the Cereal Guy, Cereal Guy Meme

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Here is a quick lesson all in one sheet that will show you how to draw the cereal guy as he is spitting out his cereal. Start with an odd shape for the head, then draw in the bulging eyes and puckered lips or mouth. Next, draw in the lining that form   


Here you will draw the odd shaped head, then move to step three.


Next, draw out the thick stick figure body which is only the torso and arms.


You will now draw the table, then draw in the cereal bowl which is filled with just a spoon.


Add the cereal to the bowl, then draw in the back part of the square shaped chair.


Lastly, you will need to draw out the eyes, eyebrows, then draw in the mouth as well as color it in. Add some crumbs on the side of the face. Erase the mistakes if there is any.


Here is The Cereal Guy when you are all done. Now you can add this hand drawn meme to your meme collection.

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August 14, 2012

Description: Well here is another meme that I know you will all enjoy. He is a stick figure character that is called the Cereal Guy. You will see this internet meme in message boards as well as in discussion forums. He is a regular drawn stick figure that has a bold drawn body. He is also drawn sitting in front of a kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal as he talks with his mouth full at the same time. As you can imagine this lesson will be pretty simple to tackle because you are only drawing a stick figure character. The Cereal Guy first appeared in the Somethingaweful forums in 2007. He was posted by Lego_Robot or Bob Averill. Bob is a graphic designer so you can see how easy it was for him to create such a simplistic figure. The Cereal Guy was first used in a parody comic as he sat there on the phone with his girlfriend as they go through a long distant relationship. The cereal that he is eating is Reese's Puffs, and the tagline “Candy?... for breakfast? It's Reese's Puffs! Is what the whole comic is about. Anyways, this is a fun tut to tackle because it is so easy to replicate. I hope those of you that requested him enjoy all there is to drawing The Cereal Guy. Adios people!

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