How to Draw the Bong Chong Dong Ghost, Cho, Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

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She is going to be a simple character face to draw so let's get started. Make the shape of her face, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Draw out the actual shape of her face which sort of looks like a lemon. Draw in some of the hair which will later frame off her face.


You will now draw out the shapes of her wide open expressive eyes, color in the pupils, then draw out the thin eyebrows. When that is done you can draw the mouth and tiny or small teeth.


As you know she has a crack on her forehead from committing suicide. This is why there is a ton of blood covering her face. Draw in all the blood like so, and take your time doing this too.


Draw out her crazy hairstyle which can easily be done just by drawing some chunk like spikes around the head.


Lastly, draw the neck, then her back and shirt collar. Erase the mistakes when you are all done.


Here is how she looks when you're finished. I hope you didn't get too creeped out!

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September 7, 2012

Description: Hello, Dragoart members - today we will be learning how to draw Cho", step by step. Many also know her as the Bongcheon-Dong. This is one of the toughest drawings/paintings made due to the style of the art of which she was drawn in. Korean comic and manga art are both different in many ways; the face structure is one of them. The chins of Korean art, seems to be bolder than manga art. That being said, I did have a hard time getting the chin in correct proportion. In this tutorial, I will be covering the basics of drawing Cho. I have tried my hardest to simplify her face to make it easier for those who are new-comers in the world of art. Be aware, the second hardest part of this whole drawing/painting, is the blood; way too complex. When coloring the blood, do NOT worry about the shading and lighting of the blood’s effects at first. Please get the basic looks of the blood, and then continue with custom details (Shining effects, dark shading, etc.) That is all I would like to share about this lesson. If you want to know about her, then keep on reading. So, to be quite basic, it all started when she was living happy with her daughter, but then her and her husband had a divorce and he took full custody of her child. The ghost is named Cho, and the wife to the man is… well, Cho. When the law was given to the husband, she thought there was nothing more to live for, and jumped out of her window to the apartment complex. I’m not sure, but I think they call it the Bongcheon-Dong ghost because the apartment complex is called Bongcheon-Dong. After the suicide incident, she was then found roaming around the area several times during nightfall. The comic illustrates/represents a scene of a recent incident. The comic is known as a horror comic (Of course,) and has become popular over the years. Sounds interesting? Well take a look at the comic yourself at the site. Go on Google and type in, The Bong Chong Dong Ghost and click the first link, and then click the link on the Deviantart page. Good luck and don’t say that I haven’t warned you, because I did… just now. Enjoy and good luck with the lesson.

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