How to Draw Realistic Hair

Artist: Dawn / January 2, 2008

Step 1.

Define the motion of your hair. This is very important. This helps you figure out what motion your hair is moving in. The hair style to the left is more of a bouncy curly style. This is considered hard for some people. Each curl you make must be boun   

Step 2.

Begin with your hair drawing by sketching out a mannequin head. Don't draw any facial details!

Step 3.

Roughly, sketch your hair out. This is ideal to define the motion your hair is going in. At this point the sketch looks like a big python wrapped around the head

Step 4.

Next, start to sketch in some thick strands. Later, these strands will be filled in by more thinner strands. Draw some thick curls too.

Step 5.

When you draw curly hair, make them seem to have a lot of bounce. Don't make them lifeless and flat. To make these curls, draw them nice and loopy. This will make your hair seem thick and attractive.

Step 6.

Start adding some thick strands to the left side of the hair. Make sure they all connect to the ending tips. This gives the hair volume.

Step 7.

Now, the fun part. Start sketching in some of those thinner strands. Make most of these where the hair starts. At the tips of the hair, add more of these thin strands. This makes your hair seem more realistic and bouncy.

Step 8.

Enough strands, and you should come out with this. I didn't ink out my hair, but when you do, your hair should look realistic. This is also a good idea for drawing manga hair. Well I hope my realistic hair tutorial taught you a lot. I tried my best    

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 2, 2008
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Description: Hair, hair is probably one of the most frustrating tasks to get right when starting your day for work or play. The only way I ever get my hair right is when itโ€™s on paper. In this tutorial I will show you how to draw realistic hair. These are some styles that I personally like. Drawing hair is really not that hard at all. Itโ€™s probably the easiest thing to draw when drawing people or a face. The best part is you can make up your own unique styles. You have to first understand the basics of drawing it. Hair comes in tons of styles; curly, long, short, straight, buns, ponytails, pig tails, braids, punk, emo, and a whole bunch of other varieties. Since this tutorial is for the novice drawers, I will give you the easiest instructions on drawing hair. Beware; drawing hair can be frustrating at times. Getting it right takes patience and persistence. Of course this depends on the style you are trying to draw. The fun part of this tutorial, you can create your own styles by mixing up the hair dos. Well, time to stop the chit chat and let's get down and draw some realistic hair shall we!