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Let's start with drawing the entire body of Lucario. You may want to enlarge the step so you have a good visual of the steps. Start by making three shapes that look like the ones you see in this step. Once that is done connect them with the body line   


Draw the circle shape for the head, and then from there you will draw the side profile of Lucario's face making sure that the snout and ear are drawn in properly. Make the markings on the face as well as draw in the eye, mouth and inner ear detailing   


Now let's make the frontal of the face. Make a circle then sketch in a facial guide.


Sketch out the entire head shape which should include the ears, snout and chin.


Make the markings on the face which should end up resulting in a large, wide plus sign. Add detailing inside of the ears.


Draw the skinny neck shape then draw the mounds around the base of the neck. Draw out the eyes then color in the pupils.


Draw the long thick tail like shapes for the dreadlock style hair. Erase the mistakes that you made then you are all done.


Color in Lucario when you're done, then add this drawing to your Pokemon art collection.

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June 8, 2012

Description: Here is a favorited Pokemon character that everyone knows, loves, and even hates at times. It's a tutorial on "how to draw Lucario easy", step by step. I just wanted to make an easy version that was detailed and full of helpful steps. Lucario was one of my favorite Pokemons so I know that it has a lot of fans. I'm really digging making all these easy based tuts even though some of you wish I didn't do so many of them. In the end I think you will find that drawing easy, makes finishing a task much quicker, and efficently. I had fun with recreating Lucario so I know most of you Pokemon fans will too. Have a go at it and see if this lesson helps you out more than the original tut on Lucario. If you want the older version that I made a while back, just go into the Pokemon section under 'Anime/Manga'. I have to bolt out of here because I have a special tutorial I want to get uploaded before my sister comes home. Yes, it's another for kids submission. Adios people and stay tuned to see if the for kids tut is something you would enjoy too.

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