How to Draw Human Applejack, Applejack, My Little Pony


Make a circle for the head and then add a facial guideline.


Sketch out the shape of the face, then start the drawing process of getting the bangs drawn out. The bangs should be puffy.


Draw the shape of her cowgirl hat as well as the ear. Add a cute swirl inside of the ear, then draw out her eyes which should also include the lashes and eyebrows. You want to make human Applejack as cute as possible while keeping her pony appeal.


Here you will begin drawing her torso which should also consist of the scarf, vest, and her button up shirt. The sleeves or cuffs should be a bit wide at the base.


Now that Applejack's torso is all drawn out, you can proceed on to drawing her hands, hips, and bellybutton which is peeking through. The lasso should be added once you draw in her left hand.


Almost done folks. Draw her legs which are slightly bowed due to the fact that she is a cowgirl, then draw her pointed boots as well as the fringe on the sides of her legs. Sketch in some of the seam line as well as her pockets and cuffs at the base    


To end this tutorial you will need to draw out the rest of her hair which should flow nice and long just like her big mane. Tie the hair at the end like so, then sketch in some light hair strand lines for added detail. Finish things up to your liking   


Here is what the end drawing should come out looking like, or it should at least resemble her in some way. Color in human Applejack then add this sketch to your drawing collection.

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June 8, 2012

Description: Hey folks, here is a rootin tootin gal that you may recognize just by her name. Today I will be showing y'all "how to draw human Applejack", step by step. This is probably one of my favoirte human versions I have done thus far in the My Little Pony human recreations. Applejack is a tomboy that loves the lasso as well as her friends. She has a cowgirl appeal and the style to go with it. I wanted to make Applejack match her personality so I went ahead and made some of her natural characteristics stay the same. I drew the same type of hat that she wears as a pony, as well as her long blonde colored Southern style hair or mane. I have been having loads of fun turning the My Little Pony cast into adorable humanized figures. Hopefully you will enjoy this lesson on drawing human Applejack as much as I did creating her. I will be back soon with some other fun stuff, including the Avengers star that I made yesterday during a Livestream session. Adios people and be sure to hang around the stables because more stuff is coming your way! Note: I do not take credit for the background. The vector for it can be found at Friendship is Magic Wikia :)

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