How to Draw Woody, Chibi Woody


Make the guidelines and shapes for the chibi until you have the framework for Woody.


Next, define the shape of chibi Woody's face structure line you see here. Incorporate an ear shape and then draw the large chibi style eyes, his mouth and cheeks. The lid lines should be dark and bold. Add detailing inside the ear and draw the brows    


Now you can draw out Woody's cowboy hat. This is probably the hardest part because it's always tricky drawing a cowboy hat. Take your time and start with the lid of the hat.


Now you can get started with drawing Woody's chibi body. Start with the vest, then stomach, then belt and pants.


Draw Woody's arms and his hands. Notice the finger gesture. Add some crinkles to the shirt sleeves.


You can draw in the cowboy boot. The boots and hat are the only parts to Woody that don't look like they are chibi sized and I did this for a reason. Once the boot is drawn in add the seam lines to his jeans.


Add the cow hide print to the vest, write the word 'ANDY' on his boot and then give the boots some spurs. Erase the mistakes and guides too.


When you are done the line art should look like the drawing you see here.Color him in and show off to the world who you just drew in chibi form.

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October 15, 2020

Description: I don't know how many of you folks know that there is another Toy Story in the works and it's called Toy Story 4. It looks very good and all your favorite characters are in the new flick like Woody, Buzz, Rex, Mr. & Mrs.Potato Head, Bo-Peep, Jessie and more. Today I wanted to do something different. I'm going to show you guys how to draw Woody, step by step in chibi form.I have done a lot of versions of Woody in the past, but none of them were in chibi form. I think this version of Chibi Woody came out so darn cute. I tried to leave everything original like the hat, red cheeks, Andy's name on the bottom of the shoe and that popular pose that he is known for. So have fun with this lesson on drawing chibi Woody and I will be back soon.

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