How to Draw Buzz For Kids

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Start off with the guide shape for Buzz's head and then draw the facial guidelines.


Buzz has an odd shaped face. He almost has a very manly shaped face that some would describe as having a square jaw. Go ahead and draw the shape of Buzz's face and notice that it's also sort of long and wide at the chin.


Okay, draw two circles for the eyes and then draw in the nose and beginning line for the smile.


Finish the eyes by drawing the pupils and eye lids. You will also give Buzz some thick, bold eyebrows. Finish the mouth with a confident smile which also shows his teeth. Don't forget Buzz's swirl on the chin too.


We will draw the back part of the head and then the shape of his neck.


Draw the helmet shape which is a dome around the whole head of Buzz. Erase the mistakes and guidelines to clean up the drawing.


Here is the line art now that you are done. You can color in Buzz and that's it. Be sure to like, comment and share this lesson.

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April 10, 2019

Description: Okay, here is Woody's best friend who remains the life of the party. I just uploaded a lesson on drawing Woody for kids, now here is how to draw Buzz for kids or Buzz Lightyear for kids from Toy Story 1, 2, 3 and now soon to be 4. I honestly can't wait to see Toy Story 4. I know I'm a little old for the movie, but I grew up with all the Toy Story movies so it sort of brings back childhood for me. Drawing Buzz for kids is going to be just as easy as drawing Woody. I know you guys will have fun with this lesson because I had a blast making it. Anyways, enjoy the tutorial and if you would like to see other characters from Toy Story in a "for kids" style, please leave a comment on this lesson to let me know. Enjoy guys, peace.

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