How to Draw Wolf Fluttershy


Make the circle for the head and then draw the shape or outline for the body. You will then sketch in the facial guidelines as well s the leg and paw guides.


Using those guides that you just made, sketch out the hairy lining which will form the structure of Fluttershy's wolf face. Incorporate the shape of the ear as well and then draw in the wavy line at the top of the head. This will be her hair line.


We will now work on getting her long thick chunk of hair drawn out. Make sure the tip or end curls up slightly.


Here we will simply draw out the nose which is more like a snout. Add the whisker holes, then a bottom jaw or mouth.


We are almost done guys just a few more additions on the face before we can work on the body. You will need to draw out the large eyes, then color in her pupils. Notice the eyes are in a shy expressive state. Add the lashes to the top and bottom lids   


Okay guys, you can draw the chest hair, then draw in the first front leg and squared paw. Don't forget the toes or toe lines.


Here you will draw the other from leg in an extended pose like so, then when you have done that, draw the arched toes.


Sketch out the hind quarters starting with the back end, then draw the thigh and leg. The paw should also have the toes visible. Make a small stomach line before leaving this step for step nine.


Okay guys are you ready to finish off wolf Fluttershy? Draw in the other back leg, then sketch out the puffy tail. There should be some separated pieces of hair near the back. Erase the guides and mistakes.


That's it, you are all done. Now you can get busy with coloring in this wolf version of Fluttershy. Don't forget to add the cutie mark on her hind leg.

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September 25, 2013

Description: So I have another wolf version of a My Little Pony and I think you will like this one. Up next we will learn "how to draw wolf Fluttershy", step by step. Fluttershy is one of the sweeter, innocent shy looking ponies which is probably why she is one of the more popular out of the bunch. I went back and tweaked the drawing on her face because before I drew her eyes overly excited and that didn't fit her personality. Instead, I drew her eyes in a shy, innocent stare which I think fits this wolf version of Fluttershy perfectly. My little sister is the one that said "I don't like her face". So this is what we ended up with. I do hope you enjoy these concept lessons on some of our favorite MLP ponies as much as I enjoy making them. I will be back with more fun so try and stick around if you can.

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