How to Draw Wings

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Let's start this lesson on "how to draw wings" by drawing the frame work of the two different style wings now. First draw the guidelines for the bat like wings as you see here, a mall arm line, a half circle, and the finger lines. The feathered wing    


In this second step you will draw out the thickness of the fingers and of the arm for the tissue based wing. When that is complete, you can go ahead and start sketching out the inner part of the feathered wing as you see here. Feathered wings contain   


This is your last drawing step. All you have to do is draw the rest of the arm shape for the tissue based wing and then finish sketching out the finger shapes. You will then draw the tissue or membrane that make up the wing itself and add some crease   


When you are done your wings should look like the ones you see here. All you have to do now is color them in, or make two of each and draw them on your favorite animal or character. I hope you guys learned something new with this tutorial on "how to    

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November 4, 2009

Description: Learning “how to draw wings” can be a very difficult thing to teach yourself to do if you don't have a real simple tutorial to learn from. Because one of the first things I started drawing was wings, I wanted to do a lesson that showed you "how to draw wings step by step" the easy way. There are so many different types of wings but the most common are feathered wings and tissue or membrane based wings. Tissue based wings are what you draw whenever you sketch out a dragon, bat, demon, or any other character that you design or create that has this style of wing. The other type of wing is the feathered wing which is the most common that is drawn. Feathered wings are drawn when sketching out birds, angels, flying horses, or any other animal or person that is angelic or can fly. I love drawing wings and I think you will find this tutorial extremely helpful if you are having trouble drawing a nice set of wings. My favorite wing to draw is the feathered wing because this style is used on my phoenixs, griffins, angels, and flying animals like horses, lions, wolves, and birds. The bat wing is also pretty cool to draw as well because you will usually draw tissue based wings on your dragons, devils, and other creatures or animals. All in all learning "how to draw wings" is something that definitely needs to be done right because when drawing winged characters or animals, you need to know how to draw them in detail. I have some more lessons coming your way, but in the mean time try this tutorial out on “how to draw wings step by step”. I think you will find that it is a lot easier to draw than you think. Peace out people and happy drawing!

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