How To Draw A Dragon Wing

Artist: Dawn / June 28, 2008

Step 1.

Okay lets start this first step with the basic shapes and guidelines to form a nice frame for the dragon wing, almost like a skeleton drawing. Start by drawing the shape of the dragons shoulder which looks like a half peanut. Next draw an egg shape f   

Step 2.

This is the step where you will begin your sketching of the muscle definition on the dragons inner underarm as well as the mid section. Start by drawing a wish bone shaped y under the arm and then begin shaping the mid part on the top as you can see.   

Step 3.

Okay lets start the sketching of the detailing of the wing to make it look detailed and defined. First define the muscles in the arm with some simple curled lining. and give the hand a thumb claw or nail. Next shape the forearm a bit, and then start    

Step 4.

Now sketch in a few more detailing line to optimize the definition of the dragon wing. After you do that you can go ahead and erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up you drawing.

Step 5.

This is what your awesome dragon wing should look like when you are completely done. Cool huh. Well all you have to do now is color in your wing any color you want or use it to complete a full dragon drawing. That will do it for this tutorial on how    

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 28, 2008
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Description: Today at we will learn how to draw a dragon wing. Does everyone know how to draw one? If not then we have tons of other tutorials on how to draw them. But for now we will learn how to draw the basic wing of a dragon. Unlike most fantasy creatures, dragons come in two types. There are the wyverns and the normal four legged dragons. Now, a wyvern is a dragon that has the front limbs of wings and back hind legs. A four legged dragon has forelegs and back-legs and two wings on its back. The most powerful dragons are the four legged ones. They have all together eight limbs. So now that we learned about the two types of these fantastic fantasy creatures, we will now discuss the history of a dragon wing. Dragon wings are really similar to a bat’s wing. A bat’s wing bone structure is similar to a human’s hand. A human has four fingers and a thumb just like a bat’s wing does. A bat’s wing has five long bony fingers with a thin skin membrane in between them like a dragon’s wing does. If you look closely at a bat wing, a dragon wing and a human hand, you will see the resemblance. If you made your fingers extra long and had webbed skin membrane in between them, you would have a bat’s wing. The membrane of a dragon is proportioned throughout the body so it is able to fly. If this mythological beast was 5 tons and had small wings, it wouldn’t be logically possible for it to fly. It needs to have really long extremely huge wings to carry all of that weight. Another thing about wings is that they are extremely hollow boned to cut off some weight. Sometimes I wish I had wings so I can fly. I always dreamt of becoming a dragon and impressing my friends. It always made me feel controlling and powerful. I know I sound crazy but I think everyone feels and dreams this way. Anyways, I master my skills in drawing dragons and their wings. So I’m going to try to teach people this skill by showing them how to draw a dragon wing. I drew this on my Wacom tablet using my adobe Photoshop program. It took me a few hours to draw and color but, it came out with awesome results so it was worth my time. Thank you for viewing and I hope you learn a lot by following this tutorial. When your done, you too will know how to draw a dragon wing using these simple step by step instructions.