How to Draw Tribal Wings

How to Draw Tribal Wings
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Draw two oblong shapes and then add the single guideline in the middle of the shape.


Now you will start sketching out the tribal lining that should form a uniform design on both sides. You should make sure that the tribal design is even, and uniform.


Start drawing the middle part of the tribal wing design as you see here and again make sure the lining shapes are uniform and flow with the rest of the tribal lining.


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw the final shaped design as you see here at the ends. Now that you're done you can start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your drawing.


You are all done drawing tribal wings. I know for a fact you did a great job because this was a relatively easy lesson to follow. I hope you decide to join me again for another fun filled tutorial here on

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February 26, 2010

Wings are probably another concept that needs to be drawn with care and precision. Although there are ways to draw wings in a real simple form without causing too much stress to the artists that happens to be a beginner. Angelic wings, are the most common form to draw, but what is really kicken is learning "<em>how to draw tribal wings</em>". Tribal design tattoos have become such a big part of American tattoo enthusiasts. The is actually a new list of the top five predicted types of tattoos for 2010 and its no surprise what they are. Let's start at the bottom and work our way up to number one shall we? In at number five is of course the ladies favorite butterfly tattoo. The great thing about the butterfly design is that it is very versatile as far as being able to be inked on any body part. Number four is angel tattoos. Angelic tattoos are used for religious reasons, and some people even get them inked on the body for a permanent sense of a guardian angel. Can you guess what holds the number three spot? Yup, cross tattoos. The cross tattoo design is probably one of the oldest and has been being used for centuries. They are easily detailed to look like anything you want, and you can even have the thorned crown of Jesus wrapped around the top of the cross for added detailing. Let's move on to the number two spot. I bet you wouldn't have guessed but, the star design has become so popular over the past few years, and you will notice that a lot of actors and musicians have star tattoos inked somewhere on their bodies. And coming in at number one, is of obviously the tribal tattoo. Tribal tattoos are here to stay everyone, and with each passing day, they are growing more and more popular with people that love inking their bodies. Well that does it, I will leave you now so you can tackle this lesson on “how to draw tribal wings, step by step”. I think I will wait until tomorrow to upload the last lesson because to be honest with you all, I am beat. Have fun, and of you want you can even customize the tribal wings to your liking. Have a peaceful night/day, and I will meet you all back here tomorrow. Adios!

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