How to Draw a Dark Unicorn, Black Unicorn


Start out by picking your pencils. Since this drawing is very dark you'll find it easiest to use pencils that are all in the "B" range. I used 9B for my darkest shading, 6B for intermediate shading, and 3B for detailed lines and lighter shading.


Start out with a basic sketch. Use the guidelines if you need them. It doesn't really matter which pencil you use, just be sure to sketch lightly. I used a 9B pencil to sketch.


Your sketch should look something like this. Try to erase away as many of the unneeded lines as possible.


Now use a 6B pencil or, if you have one, a 6B graphite stick, to lightly shade over the entire drawing.


Use a 3B pencil to start defining your lines and shading a bit more. Start with the head. Don't worry about blending yet.


Now develop the neck some more. Use a 6B pencil to shade in the larger dark areas.


Use a 6B pencil to shade in the hair. Pay attention to the flow of the mane.


Shade in the horse's front legs.


Now shade over the rest of the unicorn.


Use a paper towel or blending to to blend in the background. Add more shading using 6B and 9B pencils in order to darken any areas that need to be darker.


Now start detailing and adding final shading. Start with the head and horn. Use a 3B pencil to define the horse's outline and to draw any details. Use a 6B pencil for initial shading. Use a 9B pencil to darken you shading more. I also used a kneadabl   


Start shading in the neck using the same pencils. Again, use a blending stump sparingly to blend your shading.


After you've finished shading the neck, work on the mane. Use 9B and 6B pencils to draw in the strands. Use a 3B pencil to draw in the thinner strands of hair.


Start detailing the legs one at a time. Use 3B and 6B pencils.


Shade in the other leg as well as the unicorn's chest.


Prepare the rest of the body by blending over it using a blending stump.


Finish up the drawing using 6B and 9B pencils to shade in the rest of the body. Clean up your background and add/modify any details that need to be added or modified. I hope you all have fun with this tutorial. Let me know what you think by leaving a   

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January 19, 2012

Description: Not all unicorns are girly. Here's a tutorial that I've been wanting to do for a while. I love horses and I love fantasy art, so it only makes sense for me to like unicorns, right? So here's the first of most likely many fantastical equine animals: the dark unicorn!

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